From Golgappa Stalls To Video Calls – Balancing Friendship & Covid19

From Golgappa Stalls To Video Calls - Balancing Friendship & Covid19
From Golgappa Stalls To Video Calls - Balancing Friendship & Covid19

Amidst Covid 19, We have gone straight from gathering with no room for a falling apple to strict fifty-people social events. The world has really changed over the past few months and so has the relationships and friendship. 

Talking about this virus, it is a very deadly disease that has spread worldwide. Everyday it seems like a competition amongst countries which will have the maximum number of Covid positive people in the world. Sure governments are trying to control this situation that China has put us all into, social distancing and home quarantine are the only methods that seem like the only way of surviving. As the pandemic swept across India, lockdown was imposed throughout the country, forcing people to stay wherever they were at the time of the lockdown. Some people could not even get back home and were struck in far, far places. We were restricted from meeting our friends and family for a long  time and even now, you cannot think of this situation as normal because still, there are certain guidelines that one has to follow even before stepping out of the house. You have to adhere to social distancing, no big gathering, no dining in your favorite cafe etc. 

This virus has actually thrown proverbial jail bars on every aspect of life whether it is our family and friends, our relatives, our relationships, our work or let’s say our freedom. Separating friends and family, casual coffee catch ups with fellow members have now turned into scheduled FaceTime calls, and group hangout and endless talks are now replaced with endless WhatsApp messages. But if you think of it on a positive side, the virus has changed the way of living. 

From a closer look, you will feel it can be a nature’s way of teaching us a new meaning of life and friendship. I know how badly you miss the golgappas and that extra ‘papdi’ in the end, but then golgappas, the second thing that we miss badly is chilling out with our friends. This friendship day, I would like to highlight the changes that coronavirus has brought in our friendship. 

Say hello to old fellow

As we were trapped in lockdown for a very long time, and still can’t go wherever we wish to, most of the time is spent at home. With that, the benefits that we get from this situation are like less cars are seen on the road which equals less pollutants and cleaner air, more birds and animals are visible which were lost, and most importantly we are left with spare time. This gave us ample free time to drop a ‘hello’ to our long lost friends. The busy life never gave us enough window to at least call our friends that stay away in different cities. But Covid, the virus made it possible.

Blooming new friendships

Along with reuniting with old friends, new friendships are also blooming in some people’s lives. Since we cannot go anywhere else to catch with people we already know, this led people to communicate with people around. Some people actually turn out to be better than we thought. New friends are found in the neighborhood. 

Listening is the new key 

Another amazing thing that has happened amidst corona is that people now have developed the tendency to listen to their friends. When the mind is free from the rest of the chaos of life, one can carefully listen to their friends and communicate better. This makes the friendship stronger.

While there is still time to get back to your favorite golgappa waala, some bonds are getting stronger just like our friendship. For surprising you dearest your can send friendship day gifts online to them for making things special. Happy Friendship Day!!!!