Old-school Punishments Given By Parents To Every Kid In Childhood

Everything is fine and smooth till parents are dealing with toddlers. Soon comes an age when it becomes important to fill in manners, ethics and morals in the kid. As kids grow, they start throwing tantrums, and if parents don’t stick to rules, soon their mischief turns into ill manners. There should be some no no’s to incorporate discipline in a child’s life. 

Sure parents sacrifice their thousands of dreams to give us a good life. But they also make sure that they do everything to teach their kids discipline, they can go to any extent to make you learn this important quality, even punish you. You may hate your parents for being harsh on you when you were a kid. But it is not their fault, they were actually doing their duty, duty to make sure that you have the best development during your growing age. You were curious as a kid and wanted to explore everything, which is a good thing, but sometimes it’s good if you learn everything at the right age. Thus going out of the way would always land us in trouble. You are not alone, we all have been punished as kids and that’s why I know some of the old school punishments that parents used as weapons during our childhood. This parents day, while you order cake online for them, I will list down some funny punishments. 

No dinner

Punishment no. 1 – no dinner for you because you created a nuisance. How many of you were sent back to your room without dinner because you misbehaved in front of the guests? I think all of us. This was the ultimate punishment to make you suffer all night thinking about what you did wrong.  But actually, it was no diner till late night, then moms would slip in some food, right? Well, what can I say about a mom’s heart? 

Ban on television

Television was the online escape from the real world back then. We didn’t have the option to switch to Facebook or insta. Parents knew this and they would leave no chance to use it as a punishment. Cruellest of all, punishment of no television for a day. This was mainly when you scored less in exams or were fighting over the remote. After this ban of no cartoon for a day, a day felt like years, life slowed down and it felt like there is no happiness left in the world.

No homework, no play

“You cannot go out to play ” well, these words would hurt more than anything, right? Parents would often give this punishment to teach you to always make your studies your priority if you want to achieve something in life. So, no homework meant no play and no friends but who cared what they were teaching, they were just heartless in our opinion. 

Seize cell phone for a day (or more)

As we grew up, so did the punishments. The no tv, no food turned into no cellphone and they would literally seize our cellphone for a day or even more. 

These are some old school punishments used by parents during childhood.