A Typical Day In A Parent’s Life - Cook, Clean, Sleep, Repeat!

Just like mother’s day is dedicated for mothers, father’s day is to celebrate fathers, similarly, parents day is a day to celebrate parenthood. Well, being a parent is anything but easy. It’s like a gamble I would say, mending laws, sticking to the principles, setting up a fixed disciplined routine, all this effort, just to make your kids learn and develop to be good humans, even after all this, one wrong decision you make in upbringing and all you get is the blame for rest of your life. 

We may not know this, but our parents might often think ‘is this all worth it?” I mean who wouldn’t love to spend a carefree life without any stress from family? Well, that’s a dream life, but there is nothing compared to the happiness of being called “mommy”, “daddy”, or the cake delivery from your kid’s first salary. Yes, one has to make a lot of sacrifices for the same and life is chaotic, but hey, every house should have a nice amount of chaos, right? Well, today’s post is just an insight into a parent’s life. If you think that being a grown-up is so cool and you get to do anything you like just like your parents, maybe you will get a better idea if you want to be an adult or not, after this post. After reading this, you will get to understand what a parent’s life looks like. 

Early birds

Well, being a parent means having rules and discipline, so the kid learns the same. Waking up early is ort of a parent’s first forms of discipline. Even if you hate it, sometimes you really don’t have an option. They have to set an alarm for every single day to send their kids to school. Thus, most of the parents are early birds and half of their life is spent like this. Even if the schooling is over, They wake up early to set an example to kids that waking up early is a good habit. I know it’s so relaxing to wake up at 0, especially when it’s school from home or work from home. But it may not be possible for parents.


Then comes the part where parents are responsible to fill in the tummy of the whole family. This responsibility is huge because three meals a day means half of the life is spent in the kitchen. Most moms get this duty, and no doubt she rocks. But cooking 3 meals a day, with a variety of food even in the summer, is just a nightmare. On top of it, if you don’t like cooking, it just gets worse, but just like I said, as a parent you hardly have a choice. 


Obviously, when you have tummies to fill, you have the responsibility to earn as well. Like waking up was not enough, now, sit for 8-9 hours straight in front of your PC. 


Parents run all day just to sleep and wake up to repeat it all over again. 

This parents day, appreciate your parents for everything they do for you.