Mother’s Day Special: Recalling Magnificent Mothers From Indian Mythology

Mother's Day Special: Recalling Magnificent Mothers From Indian Mythology
Mother's Day Special: Recalling Magnificent Mothers From Indian Mythology

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! While the focus is on mothers, the best ideas of Mother’s Day gifts and all motherly figures in our lives, it’s also important to remember mothers from Indian mythology. In celebration of International Mothers’ Day, we’ve assembled a list of the greatest mothers our motherland has seen throughout history. So, without further ado, let’s take a ride back in time:


Parvati — Lord Ganesha’s, and Kartikeya’s mother, Lord Shiva’s exquisite consort. Her affection and endearment towards both of her sons were unparalleled. She is a gifted artist who used moulded clay to create Lord Ganesha (Vinayaka), his beloved son. Ganesha was created by her own hand, transcending life into a clay sculpture.


Sita, a legendary epitome of motherhood in the Ramayana, is a mythical figure. In Indian culture, she is regarded as the ideal wife and mother. She struggled and suffered greatly despite being born with a silver spoon in her mouth and being married to Sri Ram, the King of Ayodhya. S he was expecting when Sri Ram abandoned her at the behest of his subjects and send her to Sage Balmiki’s ashram in the forest. Sita gave birth to two sons, Luv and Kush when she was away from the palace. Sita raised, trained, and enlightened her sons on her own.


Yashoda is a character from Indian mythology who is revered as Lord Krishna’s adoring mother. Despite the fact that she was a foster mother, she couldn’t stop thinking about her son. She couldn’t help but be concerned for him while he was out of sight. Krishna meant the world to her. Her mother’s love was unwavering, selfless, and limitless. For ages, it has served as the inspiration for many plays, films, and songs.


Kunti, the Pandavas’ mother, was a gentle and great woman from the Mahabharata epic. She was given a mantra as a child that allowed her to have a child with any god she invoked. As a result, she became the mother of Karna from God Sun. She had to give up the child due to social strain, and it broke her heart forever. After her husband, King Pandu accidentally killed a sage and was cursed with impotence, she and Madri used the same mantra to beget five sons from different gods later in life. Kunti raised all of her sons with equal love and care after Pandu and Madri died.


Shakuntala was a single mother to Bharat. After being rejected by her husband Dushyant, who did not accept her due to Sage Durvasa’s curse, she raised her son Bharat alone and trained him to be a powerful and brave young man. Shakuntala was the Apsara Menaka’s daughter and the daughter of Sage-Vishwamitra. Her son, Bharat, is known for being so brave that he turned playing with lioness cubs into a sport by opening their mouths and counting their teeth. She is regarded as a damsel in distress and a demure male. Yet, there’s something about going through a tough time that brings out the best of people.

These mythological mother characters are unrivalled, fierce, and relentless in their care of their children while still showing an inimitable and captivating personification. For their various obligations and affinity, these mothers are still respected, cherished, and admired. They have already achieved Holiness and sanctity, and they will be honoured in perpetuity.