List of little soul satisfying things that we can never get enough of!

List of little soul satisfying things that we can never get enough of!

You know some things in life don’t come with an expiry date. We humans tend to get bored easily. Like we tend to get bored of our favorite song as well if we listen to it on repeat. Or, if you spend too much time with a person, some days you just need some space. We adhere to change and that is what keeps our life going. Even the smallest change can jazz up those things up, which we once were bored of. Why do you think we get a haircut? Of Course, you don’t get bored with your looks.That means, humans have a tendency for boredom with literally anything.

Having said that, I would like to bring to your notice that there are still many little things that are not only soul satisfying, but continue to be so, for eternity. Like have you ever heard someone getting bored of chocolate cake delivery? No, right? Similarly, listed below are some things you cannot get enough of. 


This got to be the list opener, right? We Indian love chai and the world knows it. A cup automatically makes everything better. Be it masala chai, green tea or the evergreen ‘adrak wali chai’, the experience is simply soothing. Chai in the morning? Yes, chai in the afternoon? Yes, chai in the evening? Yes, please! Because you know people change, season change but Chai doesn’t. 

Sunrise and Sunset

Watching it a million times, it still is a treat-  that’s a sunrise for you. no matter where you stand in this world, the scenic view of the sunrise will always remain the same. Well, for all the nocturnal people who find it hard to cope up with nature, god created sunsets for them. It is equally soothing by the way. 

BFF and Gossips

Your BFF, you, popcorn and gossips all day long, now how comforting that sounds? You can never get enough of their crazy gossips and they never get bored of your endless drama. They are like pets, they hear you out (or at least act to hear), know all secrets, but never spill them out. 


Some consider them a responsibility and others consider them a liability but we all know that they are the most loyal companions we can ever have (except cats, they can plan to kill you). I mean, who is that one being who gets excited when you get back home from work, even though there is nothing new in your face. No no, not mommy, nor daddy, it’s your pet. 


I can see your eyes all glazed up. CAKE – ah! See how soul satisfying is that. If desserts were available for free, we all would be of the same shape, physically and mentally and you know this.  


Ah! I don’t need to realize that many times shopping has been your stress buster. Shopping makes you drool every single time, even over the stuff you don’t require. Don’t believe me? Just count the number of black jeans you have in your closet. But who cares, as long as it is soul satisfying. 


Father- i crave sleep, if you know what i mean. Sleep is the cure to literally anything. Nothing is worth sacrificing your sleep, I repeat NOTHING! Remember the last time you slept so well, your body felt paralyzed? I’m glad that all you sleepy bugs are reading my blog and not sleeping right now. 

So, that’s a wrap for today. These are some relatable things you cannot get enough of, and if you can’t relate, man you are really picky.