How To Turn Your Diwali Office Celebration From Formal To Fun
How To Turn Your Diwali Office Celebration From Formal To Fun

Dazzling earthen lamps, fairy lights, firecrackers, mesmerizing rangolis, and finger-licking foods and are the real gems in the Diwali festival! Diwali, being the celebration of fun, happiness, and jollification, is a sheer time to get a taste of Indian tradition and culture. Have you ever thought of celebrating Diwali at the workplace? Sounds dull?

Indeed, the festive fever gets tiresome and even unexciting if you don’t get a chance to visit your home to be sure. You miss the sugary delicacies or delicious food made by your mom. Since we know, work is boring if it lacks excitement, fun, and variety to do during the festive seasons. And one of those festive seasons is Diwali, which every employee looks forward to! Whether it’s the bonus, Diya and candle art, Rangoli making competition, traditional outfits, Diwali gifts for employees, distribution of sweets, and fun-loving activities – everyone’s got a huge smile on their face when this festival brings in so much excitement at work.

Diwali Celebration Ideas In Office

Through this blog, we are going to share ideas on how to make the Diwali celebration interesting, exciting, and enjoyable at the office. Follow these simple and easy ways to make it a grand celebration while your workplace is all prepped up with beautiful arrangements for the big merrymaking- Diwali 2019.

Volunteering Activities: Organize any volunteering activities in which an employee gets a chance to show his/her talent and engage with each other more. Anyone can present his/her tradition dance, sing a song, and any other desired activity. This will not make the entire environment happier but also enhance the confidence level of an employee.

Rangoli Making Competition: Organize Diwali contests like- Diya making competition, Rangoli art, tradition-wear-up contest, and Talent Show are fewer interesting activities, people take an interest in to avoid dullness and boredom. Be a part of these thundering games and award winners with Diwali gift hampers is the best way to make the employees happier.

Photo Shoot: As Diwali is a grand celebration, you must capture the beautiful memories with your beloved officemates. All those captured memories remind you how beautifully celebrate Diwali 2019, which you are never going to forget.

Potluck Lunch: Host a holly jolly lunch party together to kill those hunger pangs. Organize a small snacks party or potluck at Lunchtime by asking everyone to bring some handmade dishes at the office along with them to beat the festive cravings. Relaxing with delicious hand-cooked food at the cafeteria of the office would be a hit for sure.

Exchange Diwali Gifts: Diwali is all about sweets, delicious food, firecrackers, and exchanging Diwali gifts with loved ones. So why not make your office colleagues, co-workers, and managers happy by giving Diwali gifts on this auspicious Diwali 2019 at the office? It is a chance to make this beautiful celebration memorable for everyone around through your sweet gestures and polite gratitude.

Diwali is a pious time of the year that you must celebrate with everyone happy. Those who are unable to go home can celebrate their Diwali at the office and get a new experience festive season.