Beautiful and Amazing Diwali Gifts Under 999
Beautiful and Amazing Diwali Gifts Under 999

Diwali is nearby, and all of us are excited about this festival that brings happiness, sharing, and joy with it. Since ages, we have seen people giving each other a lot of Diwali gifts and sweets to each other. Sharing and caring has always been a type of Diwali motto. We all share sweets and gifts with kids, friends, family, and even our neighbors. Isn’t Diwali a special festival, and do you wish to surprise your loved ones with loads of surprises? Then you should surely buy a lot of Diwali gifts for family, friends, and kids in order to surprise all of them.  

Our primary concern while planning Diwali gifts is the budget. We want to surprise everyone but face problems in maintaining the budget or finding gifts that come under our budget. So, here we have discussed some gifts that will fall under your budget and will surprise your loved ones.

List of Diwali Gifts that are Under 999

Smoke Idols – The smoke idols have been very eye-catching these days. The reverse cone and the backflow burner of the idol make it very scenic and beautiful. It gives the illusion of a waterfall flowing from the idol. Other than some normal showpieces, these smoky idols are also available in the form of divine gods.  

Gold and silver plated gifts

People usually prefer in Diwali to serve in plated metal serveware. Hence, you can always choose silver, brass, and gold plated bowl, glasses, plates, etc. as a gift to your loved ones. They will surely love the gift, and this insanely luxurious gift will also fit into your budget.

 Personalized Mugs

Personalized gifts are always close to heart, and similarly, a personalized coffee mug will be special. Yes, you can get your loved one’s picture or any special message printed on the mug. This is the best gift as you are going to give them lots of memories and wishes,


Women love wearing jewelry, and hence, this gift can never be outdated. These days women are fond of fine accessories that look very fine and delicate on them. This time, instead of simple jewelry, you can gift classic or contemporary jewel which matches their dresses.

Diwali Diyas

As we know that Diwali is the festival of lights, so gift your loved ones, these decorative Diwali Diyas online. These diyas lighten up the house and give a different outlook to your home. Diya is a synonym for Diwali, as they play a huge role in Diwali. The colorful diyas increase the joy of celebration and creates enthusiasm amongst the people. 


Gifting a bouquet of flowers is an ideal option as the fragrance and beauty of flowers can change the mood of any person. They are available in different species and colors, such as white lilies, red roses, green chrysanthemum, etc. Each color has a different meaning that is expressed when we give it to our loved ones. The red roses are a sign of love and romance, while the yellow ones signify success, pride, and happiness. The white color is a sign of peace, innocent, and a new beginning.

Diwali Sweets

Diwali is incomplete without the Indian sweets like laddoo, barfi, besan, gulab jamun, etc. Now, if you want to send Sweets to your loved ones who do not stay near you. Then you can choose to send these sweets to them as Diwali gift to Mumbai through online service.

Make your Diwali special by gifting your loved ones these amazing gifts to surprise them. This list has some of the best gift ideas that will not just surprise your loved ones but will also not tighten your budget.