How to Resolve a Fight With your Partner?

How to Resolve a Fight With your Partner

When you are in a relationship, it is natural that you may get into a weird quarrel with your partner. After all, it is said that you fight with the person whom you love the most. Sounds gross to me but yeah, that is the way it is. So, did you just land yourself into an argument with your partner and screwed up? And now you are regretting it already? Yes, you sure are in a problem right now, but it can be resolved if you follow the proper approaches towards it. Now, I am sure you must be looking for immediate cake delivery in Mumbai with a ‘sorry’ note to make it up with your partner, right? Well, a person in a relationship should know how to resolve a fight with your partner. 

See, there are many relationships that we share with different people in our lives. It could be one with your boss, neighbor, parents, or with your maid. So, you have a share of a sweet and sour relationship with each one of them. Consequently, you have to keep in mind that you will have to deal with each one of them with a different approach. What’s appropriate while dealing with your boss may not be the right solution for your boyfriend or your father. So, in this article, we will be talking about the problems and their solutions for you and your partner. So, let’s begin!

Wipe Slate Clean!

You got mad, you fought, you calmed down, and you talked it out. That is how it is supposed to be every time after you and your partner fight. Yes, it is very potent to talk it out with your partner after having an argument. But why? This is important because none of you must hold any grudge or grievances against each other. It’s better to clear it up no matter how bitter it may sound, but it is the best way to keep everything transparent between you and your sweetheart. You both must forgive for the things you both have said or done while arguing.

Hang Out Together

Some of you would totally agree with me on this part that a trip or any hang out together after a fight seems more fun and exciting, right? Don’t you feel connected with your partner a little more than before? However, that doesn’t mean you will end up fighting every now then. That would be abrupt. But yes, after you come out of a fight with your partner, do plan for a dinner, movie, or a long ride and get closer to your partner again.

Ask For a Sweet Apology

It is understood that no other thing can make you realize your mistake other than self-introspection. Once you are in the hold of it, you will be tripping over guilt for arguing with or shouting on your sweetheart. So, bearing up with the guilt does not remain the only resort. Instead, here, your actions should speak more than your silence. Make a midnight cake delivery in Delhi by availing any online service to your partner. Nothing can melt an angry person than a cake. Yes, do send them their favorite cake flavor with a sorry note and also, a bouquet would add an incentive to this move. I bet you, your partner will definitely be going to forgive for the mess that you created.

Don’t Get Into the Defensive Mode

Ever happened with you that you just resolved a fight with your sweetheart and you end up fighting again for defending yourself? Yes, this has been reported by many couples when asked. So, do not enter your defensive mode to mess up it all again. Instead of counter-attacking, reacting, or defending yourself, you should listen and understand the root cause of the fight. Siegel wrote in his book, Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation that “When our entire focus is on self-defense, no matter what we do, we can’t open ourselves enough to hear our partner’s words accurately.” And when we try to understand our partner instead of defending ourselves, we tend to get closer to them, and it might also reduce the chances of any future quarrels. Siegel in Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation.

Always Find the Solution, I repeat Always!

I have met many couples who rather avoid instead of solving the matter. They believe that it will save them from unnecessary arguments. However, it is crucial for couples to understand that in this way they will always get a temporary solution and would gradually widen the rift between you and your partner. Landing to a permanent or relevant solution will make your bond stronger than ever before. You will get to know how and why your partner reacts to a particular thing in life and what approach he/she follows to resolve it. So, it may not sound that important, but it is indeed one of the potent factors in any relationship.

Many people may find these points very cliche and cheesy (like I did initially), but they have work magically for many couples. Ultimately, an extreme perception of viewing conflicts in any relationship is detrimental for the individuals in the relationship as well as for the relationship itself. However, fights and arguments are like meat and potatoes in any relationship, and Neither I am denying their importance. Yes, fights are also important in making any relationship strong, but then again, we must draw the limits.

Yes, maintaining the limits during any argument is essential. One must not say or do things that the other half may never be able to forget. Love is very delicate, yet the strongest aspect in our lives and we must celebrate it instead of ruing it over petty issues.

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