My Dad – My Inspiration, My Ideal, My Superhero!

My Dad- My Inspiration, My Ideal, My Superhero!
My Dad- My Inspiration, My Ideal, My Superhero!

“Dad, you’ve always been the coolest – like all those times you said ‘yes’ when Mom said ‘no.’”

A father is someone who loves his children unconditionally and is not even aware of his own limits that he could go for them. A man when becomes a father gets to meet the latent powers that he might not even know ever existed. He sometimes is a strict father, sometimes he is your cool fitness trainer, and in the present day scenario, he could be your best wingman. So, how do you appreciate him for everything he has been for you? Well, online cake order in Delhi for your dad is the fastest and meaningful resort I could think of right now for my dad.

To all the supernatural powers that he possesses, no person can be as protective of you as he is (ofcourse, I don’t intend to challenge all the mothers out there in any sense). Whenever I am asked the best memory with my father, I go absolutely blank. No, the reason is not lack of memories, it is instead an abundance of them. I feel that I wouldn’t do justice to the best moments of my life, if I start comparing and ranking them, Am I right? From accompanying me on my first day in school to picking me after parties, these priceless moments are not made to be compared.

However, if I am asked a few moments of life which I can get to relive a million times, I would choose this one particular memory close to my heart. So, here I share a memory with you all that is the most precious one. So, buckle up, and here we go.

When My Dad Dropped a Bombshell On Me!

Oh, I forgot to mention you that my father is defense personnel. So, he has always been moving around the country to serve his nation. I have grown up eagerly waiting for him to come home after months. Just his one glimpse was enough to compensate for the distance and time, he had been away from us. I remember it was the summers of 2006, I was eagerly waiting for the recess to begin as my mom had packed my favorite dish for lunch. As soon as the bell rang, I rushed towards the restroom to wash my hands.

As soon as I walked out of the restroom, I saw my father standing right there in front of me. I took a huge leap on him and was coiled all over him (no, I wasn’t one of those clingy kids but, yeah, I acted like one). The next thing I remember that I waved good-bye to my friends and ofcourse, the double happiness was of going home from school in the middle. So, this was the moment I could relive all my life. The adrenaline rush that I got cannot be expressed in words.

The things that our fathers do for us may not be materialistic always, but they mean so much more than all the expensive commodities, right? My father has been everything, my guide, my friend, my moral support, my science project buddy, and what not. I remember how he praised me for the first half burnt cake that I baked for him on his birthday (I haven’t eaten anything like that since then). So, to all the bakers like me, you can choose to order cake online same day and bless your taste buds.

Words will fall shorts to express my gratitude and love for him. He has always inspired people around him by his approach to life. If I get to choose, I would always want him as my father in all my births. Though he may not have those extra muscular biceps or triceps and also that belly fat does not help, but my father is the superhero who has the solution to my every problem. So, I have decided to surprise him with her favorite butterscotch cake, and I personally regard Winni trustworthy when it comes to doing something special for my family. So, just stop looking for the best online cake delivery in Delhi and allow Winni to show their hospitality to you.