Oops! I Forgot Her Birthday
Oops! I Forgot Her Birthday

“A best friend is someone who helps you up when you are down, and if they can’t, they lay down beside you and listen.”

Mostly, all of us have friends, or at least one friend – someone whom we can call our best buddy, someone we spend time with, and someone who is always there for you when the need arises. A best friend is nothing less than a blessing from God. Honesty, trust, and understanding are those qualities that we can generally expect from our best friend likewise, serve him/her with the same.

Likewise, I too have many friends whom I can count on anytime, but there is this one special friend of mine named ‘Kiran,’ or you can call her my ‘BFF.’ She plays a pivotal role in my world. She has always been very caring and supportive of me. For me, she was no less than a family member. I switched to a new school when I was in 8th standard, and since I am not that outgoing type of person, the first day in my new school was very awkward for me. It was then, Kiran came to my rescue and wanded off the awkwardness of a new girl in the school. 

I still give her credits for making me survive the first day of school with all smiles and waves of laughter. As the days passed, the bond we shared got stronger, and in no time, she got promoted to the designation of my best friend. We shared everything, even the food (FACT: If I share my food with someone, the person is really special to me). From saying “Hi” on Whatsapp to sharing funny Happy Birthday Meme, we have gone through all kinds of stuff which makes our friendship even stronger. Our friendship was popular amongst all in the school.

We have been successfully sharing the bond of our friendship from the last 7 years. But, last Monday, something went wrong. I messed up, and this mess was a real mess. You can’t even guess what I did? I FORGOT HER BIRTHDAY (Yes, I am that stupid, and I am not really proud of it). Imagine how messy mess it was. Mostly, I am not that ridicule type of person, and I am still trying to figure it out, what happened to me that day. It was my responsibility to make her feel extra joyous that day, but I was not there with her and even didn’t wish her. The whole day, I was busy in my daily routine and did not care to check any of my social media accounts (one of the major drawbacks of being an anti-social person, you miss the Facebook updates).

I took my maths, dance, and swimming classes as any other day, I went back home, took the meal, and had some chit-chat sessions with my family. Then finally, I opened my WhatsApp account and was going through the status section, when, I saw something which froze me for straight 15 minutes. My mind just did not want to believe it at that moment. I saw a story of my friend (who is, by the way, a mutual friend of mine and Kiran) in which she was congratulating Kiran on her Birthday. I anyhow gained my senses back and looked at the time, it was 10 PM already. Panic-stricken me sent a birthday cum sorry message to Kiran. As expected, she was mad at me. Had I been her, I would have been behind bars for murdering my best friend.

Wait, there’s more.

My heart started pumping loud when I saw her typing back to my text message. Those few seconds were the scariest I tell you. Her message flashed on my screen saying, “Thank you, by the way, who is this?”

Her reply was enough to explain to me that I was in grave danger, and there is even no escape from it. I called her, but she did not receive it. Yes, it was my fault; therefore, making things right again was my responsibility. I started thinking about how to make her happy. So, I got an idea to deliver her a birthday cake before 12, and I hoped that could work. I opened my phone and started exploring for the best and popular online sites which could do the midnight cake delivery of my order at Kiran’s doorstep.

While browsing, I found a few contact numbers of some online portals providing online delivery services, but some of them were not delivering cakes at late hours and others who did were charging me very high prices for the cake. Then after a search of 5 minutes, I found one another site, “Winni,” but before placing the order, I made super sure that it would do midnight delivery or not? I crossed my fingers since it was the last ray of hope for fixing my mistake. And guess what? They were open for the midnight delivery, although they do various kinds of deliveries like same day delivery, early morning delivery, fixed time and many more, I got mine. Winni came like a blessing in disguise for me.

Then I successfully placed the order for Kiran’s favorite cake (Chocolate Truffle Cake) and mentioned her home address. Along with the cake, I asked them to add a birthday greeting card and a ‘SORRY’ tag on the cake. Meanwhile, I tried to call her, but, she declined all my calls until she switched off her cellphone. I felt so helpless. My phone rang around 11:30 p.m, I was hoping for Kiran’s call, but it was the delivery boy. I confirmed him Kiran’s address, and he delivered her the cake. A few mintues later, my phone rang again, and this time, it was Kiran on the other side.

That call was miraculous. I picked the call, and before she said anything, I again apologized to her for my mistake. She did say a few things which I may not be able to share here, but ultimately, she forgave me and thanked me for that cake, and the greeting. I asked her about her day, and the call went on for another two hours. I made her cut that cake while I was on the other side of the call. We both celebrated the last minutes of her birthday. That cake was no ordinary cake, it made me successful in making my BFF happy again. She told me that she loved the cake and praised the quality of the cake from Winni. Come I’ll let you know what she said about that cake and greeting card.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake

She said that the cake was enriched with dark chocolate and was well decorated. The chocolate was fresh and yummy. She was satisfied with both, the cake and the greeting card. She even told me that we would again order cake online in Lucknow from the same site for the upcoming occasions. During browsing through Winni’s website, I found that it not only offered Chocolate truffle cake but also a wide range of delicious cakes with multiple flavors, designs, and sizes. I am very grateful to Winni as it helped me to make my best buddy happy, especially when I screwed everything. Thank you so much, Winni.

“Happiest Birthday to my best buddy, the one who laughs at my silly jokes and still stands beside me even when I do dumb and stupid things.”

A big thanks to you Kiran. This funny yet scary incident would never let me forget anybody’s birthday again in my life ever. It was my BFF’s heart, which forgave me and she celebrated her birthday with me over the phone call – this is the level of understanding in our friendship. Generally, cakes play a leading role in almost every occasion. Cakes are the ultimate path to make your dispirited ones happy on their auspicious occasions.