How To Make It Out Of Friendzone And Go From “Just Friends” To More?

How To Make It Out Of Friendzone And Go From “Just Friends” To More?
How To Make It Out Of Friendzone And Go From “Just Friends” To More?

“You’re just my friend, nothing else”, this can be as awkward as it is hurting. Have you ever been on the receiving end of this statement? then you are clearly aware of the pain of what it feels like when you have been friendzoned by someone you like. It hurts, right? Honestly, These words hurt more than a breakup because in that case at least you have memories of the good times, but here, the chapter ended even before it began. Sometimes we like a person and want more than friendship. 

Of course you should be grateful for being able to be friends with them, and I’m sure you are, but what to do with these feelings that rushed in without your permission. It is really hard to suppress them after you have poured them out to the person and got a “friendzone sign in return. Besides murdering your feelings, you are left with two choices, either end your friendship so you don’t have to go through the trauma everyday of loving them and still can’t have them or you can prep up to get out of this zone.

Since you have the option to get out of it, why would you even bother to try the first one.  I know you are the most disheartened person on the earth right now, the place you are in feels like hell. But you know what? This is not the end of everything, though it may feel like it, but you can still make out of this place called “friend zone”. Here are some ways for the same. Though the ways are not as easy as getting an online cake delivery, they are worth a shot. 

Show Less Interest

Once you have popped the question or expressed what you feel for that special someone and they don’t seem to reciprocate to your feeling, its time that you take a step back and by that, I mean, be less interested. 

I know you want to pour your heart out and shout out loud how much you love them especially when they are right in front of you. But don’t! You already did this one time, and you know how it is going to end. So, instead, wait and try some measures before you finally see some interest in return. So, when i say be less interested, what it means is, don’t be needy at all. Your relationship is already imbalanced because you two value it differently, to bring a balance, first, take a step back and don’t be desperate at all. 

Create Some Competition

I think we all know about this point, I mean, we all have seen this trick always working in the movies, when the actor starts creating jealousy to make the female lead care more about him. Time to take notes from films and create a competition here as well.  For that, you don’t need to start dating every other person, the idea is to broaden your social circle. Dont be just available all the time, instead make new friends especially of the opposite sex. This is a fact that people tend to value anything more when they fear of losing it. When he or she will see you drifting away with other people, this will make them care more because jealousy and competition can sometimes pull people closer. 

Keep Cool

You need to keep it cool if you want to make the other person like you. Don’t always keep taunting them for the rejection, avoid or never talk about your feelings again, don’t beg them to give you a chance, all this will only repel them even more. You will lose the friendship as well, which means you are going to ruin the last chance as well. Instead accept the situation and keep it cool. Be fun to be around or you can get a flower delivery instead of a romantic gift for their birthday.   

Consider Self-Improvement

Since they have made a conscious decision, he or she might not like some traits in you. You may consider changing them. I know that no one is perfect, but there are some things that can be changed to become a better person. For example, if you are a short tempered person, you can consider improving it because nobody likes to be around a short tempered person. 

These are some ways how you can make it out of the friendzone.