How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday In Lockdown

How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday In Lockdown
How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday In Lockdown

Lockdown in India is one effective measure taken by the government of India to curb the spread of the new Novel Coronavirus. So, many of us are not able to meet our loved ones, hang out in our favorite cafes or go on a shopping spree, right? However, all this will be back after the lockdown is lifted and we are going to miss this quarantine thing as well. However, if it’s your birthday or your loved one’s birthday during quarantine, what could be the best possible way to celebrate the occasion? Yes, this is the same question that first encountered me when my mother’s approached 2 days ago. My sibling and I were in a dilemma about how we would make her day special amidst this lockdown when we cannot go out to buy her gift or take her to her favourite restaurant. Every year, we celebrate her birthday by listing things to be done from her bucket list. But this year, we cannot even manage to get a cake for her on our own. Thank god for all the online portals providing online cake delivery, amidst this quarantine also. Yes, unexpectedly, the birthday turned out to be more fun and memorable this time. If you are also looking for ways to make the birthday of your someone special super special, then, here are some ideas that helped me make my mother’s birthday full of surprises and special. 

  • Take care of her sugar rush:

Well, if you are one of those people coming up with your self-prepared food these days and storming social media with the pictures, then, it is time that you show off your baking skills. Yes, bake your mother’s favourite cake and make her feel more special. Yes, it would be much more special to her as she would really appreciate all your efforts for her birthday. However, if you are not that skilled and polished with the baking yet, and the chances of setting the kitchen on fire is much more than that, you can just order cake online as online delivery is available in most of the cities of India during the lockdown. The point that is to be paid attention here is that cake is of the utmost importance here. No matter how old your mom is, cake gives an adrenaline rush to every person irrespective of his or her age and sex. 

  • Take care of the household chores:

During this lockdown, I have realised the fact that what it is to be like a mother. So works 365 days of the year without any break. And honestly, domestic chores are much more difficult and tedious than just simply going to the office. So, what you are required to do is to finish most of the domestic chores before she gets up in the morning. Yes, the look on her face on seeing the work completed would be that of proud. Also, it is her birthday, ask her to take a break from the household work and give her a pampering session. 

  • Prepare her a lip-smacking breakfast:

Yes, every morning, my mother treats me with a delicious breakfast, which eventually makes my entire day great. So, I prepared a delicious breakfast for her in the morning. Also, do not forget to wind up the kitchen before you sign off from the kitchen. 

  • Surprise Decoration:

Choose your terrace or one particular room for the celebration and turn it into fairyland by decorating it with every possible decor available at home. I know it could be difficult to hide it from her, especially during lockdown but make sure; she does not get to find the decoration before the celebration starts. 

  • Dress up & Celebrate:

Well, with the help of your fathers and siblings, prepare all the favourite dishes of your mother and decorate it perfectly on the dining table. Now, the next step is to dress up appropriately. Ues, we did that and made our mother do the same. It does not matter if you are able to step out of the house but dressing up surely will help you and your family help to get positivity and feel energetic. The celebration was followed up by dance songs and lots of gossip. What a perfect birthday it was.

On this lockdown, I came to realise that you do not need extravagant things to enjoy or celebrate birthdays, but it is the happiness and smiles that matter the most.