Hilarious Ways How Moms Are Different From Dads – Parenting Things

Hilarious Ways How Moms Are Different From Dads - Parenting Things

Lots of pictures and videos of real parents surfacing on the internet these days show that parenting with dad is completely different than with mom. People have literally started making memes out of it because the difference is really clear. 

It is often debated that men and women come from two different worlds because one is like the east and there is like the west. Well, mums and dads are here to prove this theory every time in their actions and reactions over the same baby. They have completely opposite views when it comes to answering similar questions on parenting. Where mums see it as a danger to leave the child alone with dads, dads think of it as a chance to toughen their kids for harsh life realities. It’s also true that a kid sees dads and moms distinctively different. We consider that dads are cooler while moms are a little overdramatic. Well, mother’s day is the occasion that commemorates moms because deep down we are thankful that God has created mommies and she deserves a mother’s day gift, right? But sometimes it’s fun to read how moms and dads are different from each other. 

Moms ‘no’ vs dads ‘no’

On the top of the list is a point you have to agree with me because it happens every time when you seek permission over something from your mom. When you ask mommy to go out and she says a clear and cut ‘no’ or not even that, just an eye roll is enough, you know that it is a no. but you being smart pants, sure know where to break the wall, so you seek permission from your dad. He too says ‘no’ but we all know that his ‘no’ is different from the mom’s because his ‘no’ comes with a ‘maybe’, and ‘okay’. 

Dads never overcomplicate

The huge parenting difference between mom and dad is that moms are really sentimental, over-emotional creatures while dads like to keep it cool. They just cant overcomplicate things while mommies are the queens of complication. For example, when you get a scratch, mom sees a pool of blood all around you while your dad is willing to perform a postmortem of your scratch. 

The prep talk

Now talking about the pre-talk that you receive from both parties when you have some important day let’s say a match. Mom is all about eating healthy, sleep well, be careful, don’t be harsh on yourself, keep yourself hydrated. On the other hand, all the prep talk that you receive from dad is have some beer. That’s all he has to say. 

Taking pictures

Moms want you to look like a princess/prince and she would even tell you poses. When it’s daddy who’s clicking pictures, you eventually look like a potato. Yeah, I know mommies need to be appreciated with mother’s day gifts for having patience. 

Missed calls 

When you are out and left your phone on silent, you know whose missed call you fear the most. The pattern of miss calls go like this – mommies; 50 missed calls, dad; 1 missed call. She would call you on repeat, but these are completely harmless and he would make just one call and in case you miss that, you know you are doomed. 

Mom vs dad visiting

When you stay away from your parents, their visit has a very different impact on you. Moms coming? It’s all about cleaning and more cleaning.  dads visiting, nothing to worry about, just relax. 

These are some hilarious differences between mommies and daddies. Remember, they both love you the same.