Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home Amidst Covid-19 Second Wave

Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home Amidst Covid-19 Second Wave

Can you believe that it was a whole year ago when we faced our first lockdown? 

Last year we celebrated mother’s day stuck at home with a ray of hope that things would be different next year. Little did we know that the virus is planning a comeback and just after one year, here we are, facing curfews and lockdowns in many parts of the country, yet again. Yes, if you live in India, currently you are stuck at home hiding from the second wave of deadly coronavirus. No one would have wondered that important events would be celebrated at home once again. In normal circumstances, mother’s day celebrations would have started from ideas like dinner at a hotel or one day trip to make the day special for mommy. While half the city would be closed due to curfews or the fear of going out in public is there, the border of creativity is still open. Just like the last year has been full of surprises, fill this mother’s day with surprises and joy. There are plenty of ways to celebrate mother’s day at home like making a mother’s day gift for her. This blog is filled with ideas for you. 

Prepare her favourite dish

You will be surprised to know that there are so many things to do at home as well when you want to welcome celebrations at home. You don’t have to particularly go out every time, make the day special by taking it in your hands to cook for your mom. I know mommies are excellent at cooking and baking, so it won’t be easy to please her. But along with a tasteful hand, she has a big heart too. She can never not like the food that you will make for her, with love. For the menu, her favourite dish is up for preparation. Gather all the ingredients and find the best easiest recipe in advance. 

Mothers day gifts 

When you decide to think out of the box, hundreds of options open up. Here is another way to make it a special day for her. Buy mother’s day cake and gifts for her. For that, you can order at home. If that sounds risky, get crafty and make a gift at home. There are so many crafty ways to make pretty gifts for your mom. Making it yourself is even more special for her, you can write down messages and quotes of your choice. 

Rooftop picnic

When you are forced to spend Mother’s day at home, it’s time to show how thoughtful you can be because it’s about celebrating your mom. So, plan a picnic for her. No no, don’t go out, go up. A perfect picnic can be executed at the top of the roof of your house. That is the safest, fun idea of celebrations. Pack your stuff like bed sheets, pillows, a food basket, books to read and head towards your roof in the evening. Since summer has already arrived, I would suggest you plan a picnic in the evening because mornings are not a good time to be out in the sun. 

Decorate with photos

Don’t forget to turn your home into a venue where you are celebrating an important day. It is up to you if you want to decorate the whole house or only your mom’s room. For that, you can use balloons and filler. One main thing that should be definitely added are the photographs from the photo albums that moms always save. Oh and do put them back if you fear war. 

These are the best at-home ways to celebrate mother’s day in the second wave.