Best Cakes To Lookout For Celebrations At Home

Best Cakes To Lookout For Celebrations At Home

Is your anniversary around the corner? Is mother’s day around the corner? And you are quite messed up, and you haven’t planned anything? Well, don’t worry because I’m always there for your rescue. Let’s show you the best cakes that you can prepare at home or can order mother’s day cakes online. These cakes are super delicious for all types of occasions. 

Fruit Cake 

This is my personal favorite! If your partner is a fitness freak or just loves to eat fruits, then this is the best cake for your anniversary. This cake has a very good blend of fruits placed over the cream, and therefore you can get the taste of both slices. It is super easy to make this cake at home, and if you are busy, you can order from the internet. 

Red Velvet Cake

This cake is basically in heart shape and thus making it perfect for anniversaries or weddings. There are many ways to make this cake; some people prefer a red crimson layer covered with white cream, while others just want the cake to be covered in red with two heart-shaped milky bars over the top. These cakes are known to be super soft and super tasty, and they melt as soon as you take a bite!

Blueberry Cake

Blueberry is considered to be one of the easiest cakes to make because you don’t need to peel some fruits or bring some expensive items from the market; it’s just blueberries resting over the top of the cake covered with red jelly over the top and bottom crust has some decoration with chocolates. A perfect cake for summers, and if your anniversary is in summers, then this cake is the best choice for you.

Chocolate Kitkat Cake

There is no age to love chocolates and believe me, most everyone loves chocolate, and chocolate cakes are best for every occasion. You can prepare a chocolate cake and then place two chocolate bars over the top, or you can just order Mother’s day cake online. 

Photo Cake

These cakes can be prepared on order through online stores and can be delivered to your doorstep, or if your partner lives in another city, then you can send the cake online to his place where you both can enjoy your long-distance anniversary celebrations.

Oreo Cheesecake

There is no better way to enjoy the lovely taste of oreo biscuits by sticking them to the creamy cheese, and with every bite, you will feel the heavenly taste of both the ingredients. 

Vanilla Cake 

There is no chance that I will ignore vanilla if I’m writing about cakes. Vanilla has been the oldest and the most loved cakes in India, and due to this, it’s a very good option for your anniversary celebrations.

Butterscotch Cake

After vanilla, there is always room for butterscotch. I’m not bluffing, but this cake will blow the minds and taste in the mouth of your partner for your anniversary. The flavor of this cake is so yummy, and if you wanna be more creative, you can blend some butterscotch with vanilla and create a cake like no other.

Black forest Cake

When you hear the name black, it’s clear that there will be chocolate, and do give it a forest look you can crush some Oreos over it and place two cherries over it. The cake would be mouth watery and will satisfy the taste buds of your partner. I’m pretty sure this cake would bring a smile to his/her face.

Evergreen Pineapple Cake

If you are very concerned about your partner’s health, then bring on this pineapple cake with all the vitamins and nutrients to keep their body healthy, and also, the white cream would add a nice taste to your cake. Due to these healthy properties, this cake is a great choice for people from all age groups.

‘I love you’ Cake 

It’s a very simple cake. You choose any cake from the above and just write ‘I Love You’ over the top, making it romantic and cute.

So this was my list of the best cakes that you can look out for on your anniversary. I hope I have lowered your burden for finding the right cake, and if you want someone else to make your cake and get it delivered to your home, follow this trick but don’t tell anyone shhh!! Wherever you live, let’s say Ghaziabad, search on google ‘cake delivery in Ghaziabad’, and there you go. I’ve again helped you!