Hilarious Pranks That You Should Try On Your Siblings
Hilarious Pranks That You Should Try On Your Siblings

Most of us belong to an era when television was not that great source of entertainment (let alone the internet) as it has become today. Back in the ’90s, the real source of entertainment were outdoor games and occasional cartoons. Even when we had no excess to most of the things we rely today on for our entertainment, life was quite exciting. There were no mobiles, no pub, no PlayStations, yet life was very happening, and honestly, despite having all comforts and everything, I miss those old gold days. Yes, it was none other, but your sibling. Who was your partner in crime in all those mischiefs you did? Yes, it was your siblings.

I don’t remember a day when our parents did not reprimand my siblings and I. It was a part of our schedule, and if by any chance, my parents skipped that, we made sure that we give them a reason not to skip the censure session of our activities. As time passed by, I formed a best-friend-cum-enemy relationship with my sister. I fought all day with her but ultimately could not slip into my bed without her. Remember, the last slice of her birthday cake that you stole, yes, it was the most satisfying feeling, right? However, you can order cakes online and send it to your sister and make her smile. 

No matter how badly we both were after each other’s lives, but we could not stand someone bullying one of us. I don’t remember how many times my sister landed herself in gang bangs because of me. Also, it was your sibling who always signed all the complaints notes that you got from school. It was your sibling who saved your ass when you almost got caught after bunking your school or tuition.

So, I think all these memories that flashed in front of your eyes were enough to make you realize how blessed are to have a sibling. I couldn’t imagine my childhood without executing those crazy pranks that I made on my sister. Those were the best memories of my childhood. So, here are a few pranks that I have listed down to discuss with you all. So, let’s get started. 

Fake Lizard/Snake Prank

Well, we all have this weird feeling with reptiles since our childhood. Whenever my mother wanted us to do some job, she used to get it done, threatening us with one of these. Leave a lizard and me alone in the room, and one of us is undoubtedly dead (yes, you guessed it right, it will be me). My sister always bullied me, and since she was double my size, I couldn’t help but get bullied.

So, one day, I decided to take my revenge on her without using my physical attributes. I placed a plastic lizard in my sister’s tiffin box. The moment opened it, she just passed out for a few seconds. Trust me, those expressions on her face took every bit of the revenge I wanted to take from her.

You’re Adopted

If your sibling has not ever claimed that you were adopted and were found in a garbage bin, then it is a possibility that you are actually an adopted child. All my childhood, my sister kept claiming that I was adopted and I paid no heed to her since I knew it was a lie. Until one day, she showed me a document in which it was stated that I was an adopted child of my parents.

The moment I saw it, I couldn’t hold back my tears and started crying. My sister let me cry for an hour or so until she revealed that she made a fake document by herself (these are the people misusing technology every other day). I was so pissed at her that she had to look for online cake delivery to cheer me up. Honestly, it was just because of the cake, I got offended in the first place. 

Funny Hair Colour

So, if your sibling is quite conscious and protective about his/her, and do not let anything happen to their hair, then here’s a prank that can scare the shit out of your sibling (yes, I know that’s what you want). Convince your sibling for hair color, then take him/her to a salon and ask the barber to color their hair something amusing like what do you think about neon green or purple? Though the color would be temporary and would not harm their hair, they will surely be going to lose their cool.

P.S: Do this prank at your own risk. I will not recommend this prank if your siblings have a killing tendency. I swear mine was a narrow escape.

However, if something goes wrong performing these pranks, and your sibling gets super mad at you, you know the antidote to this problem. Yes, get a midnight cake delivery and get your sibling back as smiling and charming as before (regardless of how funny and scary they look in that hair color).