How We Made this Raksha Bandhan an Unforgettable Experience

Winni Celebrated Raksha Bandhan with NGO kids

The platonic bond of love between a brother and sister is something beyond explanation. It’s the deepest and noblest of all emotions that humans experience in their life. Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bond. it’s a ceremony where sisters tie a talisman called rakhi around the wrist of their brothers, expecting a promise of protection in return (however, a Chanel or a Gucci bag will also do).

However, I feel that the festival calls for something extravagant.  so, This year we decided to celebrate rakhi with underprivileged children, who still have faith in humanity even being undergone through unfathomable griefs. It was an overwhelming experience for all of us as we saw the blistering smiles on thier innocent faces. It was time to make memories!

A Warm Welcome

As we entered the NGO, we were ready to gel up with them and tried to create a friendly atmosphere. In return, we received a welcoming gesture in the form of smiles that we will never forget. Those beaming smiles were the evidence that they were overjoyed to see us.

Performed Rakhi Rituals

Rakhi is incomplete without rakhi rituals, so how can winni miss on that part? Our female peers tied Rakhi to the little boys present there, while the girls tied Rakhis to our male staff. Sharing the festive vibes together delighted our souls to the core.

Sweetened the Moment with Sweets

We all know that rakhi ceremony is followed by stuffing our mouths with sweet delicacies. So we distributed sweets amongst them. Wait, here comes the best part of the day, the cake cutting ceremony. It’s no mystery that kids love cake, right? so, that led us to perform a cake cutting ceremony as well.

Soul-Stirring Gifts for Raksha Bandhan

The celebration didn’t wind up here! It was time to open up gallon bag full of gifts. As we presented them with gifts, their eyes blazed up and it was an unforgettable sight for the whole team. We didn’t return empty-handed, as, in return, we were presented with the greeting cards by those gems.

Click-click, Here Come the Pictures!

We wanted to cherish those moments forever, so it was mandatory to click pictures with those innocent souls. You know because photographs are like time travel. As you can see, the kids were quite excited to see the camera and gave some of their best shots. Their reactions reflected that we surprised them in the way they would have least expected.

Raksha Bandhan Special Celebration with NGO kids in 2019

Last but not least,  it was time to end the day with some fun activities. We played football, chit-chatted with them where they poured their hearts out. It was a feeling of sheer satisfaction knowing that these kids are getting a good education via NGO’s and hold a bright future ahead.

Well, all in all, the experience was a joy to behold. This is how Winni made Raksha Bandhan 2019 an unforgettable experience!