The Healing Power of Blooming Flowers
The Healing Power of Blooming Flowers

Flowers are nature’s best invention. It’s every sight oozes a sense of elegance, freshness, and glory. The mesmeric essence of flowers add warmth and glow to the atmosphere wherever it is placed. They are the perfect way to illuminate a room and a classic epitome of love and respect. There are a wide variety of flowers and every flower have their own significance. The extracts of flowers have been in use for a long time as healers and beauty supplements. In addition, their curative power is considered to be the best in the world, even when many modern elements have been identified and invented. A glowing and healthy skin add confidence in every human being. So, if you are wishing to get rid away of acne, blotches and chemical products then here are  some magical healing power of blooming flowers:


rose flower

Roses are also known as “Queen of flowers”. It goes well with mature skin because of its moisturizing properties and it has the capability to heal broken blood vessels that can cause abiding redness due to large absorption of Vitamin C. The astringent and antibacterial properties of rose flower can work wonders for people with oily and acne-prone skin types. The rose flower extracts help to stimulate collagen and considered to be the best anti-inflammatory and scar reducing agent. It enables to reduce the redness and calms the skin. It is a powerful skin rejuvenator that really purifies and preserves the skin. Along with all the skin benefits, it also provides an appealing effect of the spirit, health and emotional well-being.

The accurate way to obtain the benefits of roses would be indispensable form as it is more enriched. Rose oil can be used as a moisturizer, serum or it can be mixed with foundation for a dewy coverage. The natural oils and sugar present in rose petals enable to hook moisture in the skin and hence shaping your skin look smoother and softer like the rose petals. The sugars and natural oils present in rose petals trap moisture in your skin, making your skin look smoother and softer.

How to Use Roses

  •  If you want to make your face look perfect with a natural toner then it is a healthy way to mix rose water with glycerin. Apply the mixture on a regular basis to get healthy skin. A blend of rose petals with sandalwood powder, rose water along with honey will help to reduce blemishes.
  • You can also buy rose water and add a few drops to your cleanser and moisturizer. Apply on your skin, the fresh essence of rose water will relax your nervous system and its antiseptic properties enable to restore pH levels of the skin.


orchid flower

The online flower delivery has always been proved to be boon for occasions as well as skin benefit too. Orchids are acknowledged as a symbol of elegance, love, and affection. Orchid flowers possess anti-oxidants that enable to boost your skin health. Orchid flowers have been used in beauty products in a wide variety like oils, primer, moisturizers and many more. It is regularly used in perfumes, however, orchid petals protect skin by hydrating and renewing it.  The anti-aging properties found in rare orchids can work for all skin types. It has been known as a beauty staple because of its protective and regenerative properties. It can be easily discovered in most of the mainstreams products that promote the beauty of the skin.

How to Use Orchids

  • You can use a face mask of orchid petals mixed with lemon juice along with honey to minimize the wrinkles and lines on your face.
  • You can use orchid oil as it is extremely beneficial for your skin as it appeases and brightens up the skin.


carnations flower

These elegant flowers are ideal for brightening anyone’s day and can grace all sorts of life milestone. You can easily employ carnations in dealing with the combination of health and beauty problems. They have been blend into teas that enables mitigate stress and nervousness. Carnations are dried into tea brews and they have been used to treat minor depression and fatigue. The anti-inflammatory properties of carnations are beneficial for those who are prone to eczema or any other skin problem. Nowadays, lots of cosmetic products come with carnation essential oil as it is excellent for hydrating skin and soothing inflammation. The antioxidants present in it enables excess free radicals from damaging your skin and stimulating its aging process.

How to Use Carnations

  • Put carnation petals in water and clean your face to get a moisturizing and pimple-free skin.
  • You can also use carnation oil along with your moisturizer to eradicate line lines and wrinkles.


lilies flower

These enthralling flowers epitomize humility, elegance, happiness, and vision of a better world. The valuable substances in lilies are tannins, glucose, starch, essential oils, alkaloids, and polysaccharides. The ointment made of lily is used to treat burns and wounds without leaving any scars. It has the unusual ability to heal the scar tissues immediately and completely. It’s relaxing effect rejuvenate the skin. The strong nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating power of lilies effect on the skin. It also brightens skin complexion.

How to Use Lilies

  • You can mix lily flower oil with coconut oil and massage over the skin. For an enhanced result, add calendula oil to the mixture and massage after the bath on any part of the skin which is dry.
  • The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of lily oil enable to heal wounds and scars incurred externally on the skin. Dilute two-three drops of oil in a carrier oil and apply on the affected area with a cotton swab.


jasmine flower

Jasmine flower tends to hydrate and soften the skin as well as declog the pores. The wax of the jasmine plant is used in a skin beauty product. It helps to protect from the environmental stressors because of its antioxidants. Jasmine flower also enables to give a youthful appearance to your skin. It works as a toner and reduces the appearance of age spots.

How to Use Jasmine

  • It is used to restore skin and the essential jasmine oils increase the skin elasticity.
  • It also balances the moisture in the skin and reduces dryness.
  • Mix jasmine oil along with your lotion and apply to the skin area.
  • It will massage the scar tissue.

There are many other flowers that are used in the beauty products as well as home remedies. Hence, flowers are not only appealing and fragrant, but they also help to make human skin smooth and elegant.