10 Fun Games To Play With Your Family On Christmas Eve

10 Fun Games To Play With Your Family On Christmas Eve
10 Fun Games To Play With Your Family On Christmas Eve

Christmas is unarguably one of the most fun and happening festivals, right? Be it the Christmas cakes or decoration part, everything about Christmas fill enthusiasm to our festive vibes. We all look forward to the fun-thrilled Christmas holidays. So, what do you do to add more devilish fun to your Christmas celebration? For me, it is the crazy games that we play with our family and friends on Christmas eve. Yes, you heard me right. Honestly, nobody would want to listen to the same story that your uncle tells on every family gathering. Who would not like to play good party games? Moreover, when it comes to Christmas, it is all about spending quality time with those who hold a very special place in your life. Another significant reason that games could be added to your ‘to-do list at Christmas’ is that they are a great way of encouraging your guests to start mingling with each other (since large gatherings are a little awkward at first).

Having said that, the games should be as per the group dynamic or could be loosely based on your Christmas party theme. Get everyone’s adrenaline pumping with the games we have come up with. So, let’s check 10 fun games that you can play with your family and friends.

Ornament Guess

Well, this game is as exciting as it sounds. It’s even perfect game for  Christmas eve. The game involves lots of guessing, and that’s what makes it interesting. Ask your guests to guess the number of ornaments on your Christmas tree, while they walk down the party hall. You can gift one of those ornaments to the winner of the game.

Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

We all have grown up playing Pictionary with our friends at college and with our cousins on those sleepless sleepovers. However, this game has a different set of rules in this case. It is a race to depict the Christmas carols. Once the carol has been identified, the team would have to sing the carol in order to score more marks. So, it’s time to flaunt your vocal skills.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Get some questions about the famous Christmas movies printed on paper. Divide your guests into teams and test the knowledge of your guests about classics like Elf, A Christmas Story, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Guess That, Carol

Well, this game involves a lot of brainstorming. Your guests would have to guess the correct carol that is being referred to: To quote you an example, “A Dozen Twenty-Four Hour Yule Periods” is “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

 Snowball Throw

Before you go on the nostalgic ride to your childhood, I am breaking the bubble for you. It’s not the same snow fight that you have had in your childhood; instead, this game entails hurling a marshmallow to a team fellow, and it should strike for his/her mouth. On catching a marshmallow, the team would gain a point. Isn’t it exciting game for everyone on Christmas eve.

Two Truths & A Lie

The rules of this game are pretty simple. Ask any generic questions like the “Worst Christmas Meal, They Have Ever Had,” and the answer would consist of 2 truths and 1 fake story. Let everyone guess which one is the fake and which two are true. The team to guess which one is the lie gets the point.

Paper Plate Christmas Scene

Ask your guests to draw an ideal holiday scene on a paper plate, placing it on the top of their heads. Those who pull it off quite well get the point.

Christmas Exchange Game

Christmas get together means a plethora of Christmas gifts. So, the game exactly involves all those gifts. Make a circle holding gifts in your hands and read a story aloud. Every time you say ‘left,’ pass the gifts to your left. Likewise, when you say ‘right,’ the gifts should be passed to your right. If done right, it should create maximum confusion.

Take a Bow

Provide your guests with a handful of bows at the start of your celebration. The bows need to be stuck on the back of others while saving yourself from being bow-ed. In the end, everyone would have to take a shot for every bow at their back.

The Movie Shots Game

If you want to make your Christmas Trivia game a bit exciting, add drinking of shots to your rules.

So, start preparations for your Christmas night celebration. Bring on some fun on the table with your friends and family, and you will end up making unforgettable memories and sharing blistering laughter.


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