Make Christmas Eve Spooky With These 3 True Horror Stories!


What is the first thing you think about when you hear ‘Christmas’? Is it the lip-smacking treat at the dining table, or is it the delicious Christmas cake that is being baked in your oven? Well, it could be anything! From those crunchy cookies to that gigantic Christmas tree standing in your living room. However, there is an ancient English tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve, which catalyzes the excitement of Christmas.

Well, our pre-conceived notion states that Christmas is all about waiting for Santa, hanging that stocking, or sending the best Christmas gifts to our loved ones. Nonetheless, it is the Christmas and horror stories that naturally fit in. This tradition takes us back to the time when Christmas was considered the best time to sit around the fire with your family ad friends and share scary and spooky horror stories. Although the tradition is mostly forgotten now, rejuvenate the tradition this Christmas by narrating these true horror stories to your family, cousins, and friends. Let everyone feel the chills down their spine and make sure; nobody could go to the washroom alone. So, let’s get started!

The Kit Bag By Algernon Blackwood

Well, here’s a brief overview of this short horror story, but believe me, it is really a spooky one. The story is about a man, Johnson, who works with Arthur Wilbraham (an eminent lawyer). Arthur is fighting a criminal case for his client, who has been accused of murder. Johnson decides to go on a trip to the Alps for Christmas vacations after the trial of the case was over. He borrowed a bag from Arther, which actually belonged to his murder accused client. Little did he know that it was not just the bag he borrowed from Arther. After the arrival of the bag, Johnson experiences a terror-filled night. Sounds exciting, right? Read the full story on the internet as it tends to get more spooky and exciting at the same time.

Dark Christmas By Jeanette Winterson

Buckle up in advance since this story is a horror-thriller, and you would wish not to get stuck in any similar situation. The idea of renting a secluded house for the Christmas holiday sounds perfect, right? However, what happens if things start to get real spooky and spine-chilling in the same house? Well, just the thought of it gives me goosebumps every time. This story revolves around a similar plot. A group of friends lands up in a haunted house to celebrate their Christmas holidays. However, reality hit them hard when their fun trip starts turning into a creepy one. Mysterious and paranormal activities start happening with them. The story might sound an old-fashioned horror story; however, the horror elements of the story will definitely make you think twice before you open your wardrobe at night.

Oh, Whistle, And I’ll Come To You, My Lad by M.R. James

Okay, so this story will horrify you to the extent that you will be trembling till next Christmas. The name of the story “Oh, Whistle, And I’ll Come To You” reveals half of its plot. The story goes like, as soon as the whistle is blown, the ghost appears. Isn’t it petrifying, right? Imagine you follow a whistle thinking to take a glimpse of Santa, and it turns out to be a ghost instead. Coming back to the story again, it is a story of a man who finds a whistle on his way to the seaside for his Christmas vacations. The whistle carries a Latin inscription on it which the man ofcourse couldn’t translate. So, ignoring the text written in Latin, he went on to blow the whistle. As soon as the man blows the whistle, a series of creepy events follow up.

Get the full version of these stories on the internet easily, and spice up the narration. Let the night get so spooky that everyone could feel a hand sliding into their quilts (however, it would be all in their head). Celebrating Christmas following traditional practices brings out the best of the festival. To make it even more special by showing up with fabulous Christmas gifts for everyone on Christmas Eve.


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