Diwali Fervor: Let's Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali
Diwali Fervor: Let's Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali

Folks, with Diwali around the corner it is time for shopping, glowing and get equipped for the biggest bonanza of the year! As we all know Diwali is also known as the festival of lights, marks new beginnings, happiness and joy. But with pollution posing threats to our peace and joy, don’t you think it’s time to step back and ponder? We must not forget that Diwali has become synonymous with noise, crackers and pollution today. So, now is the time to find a replacement for a green Diwali. Why not dedicate ourselves to celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali this year?

Go Earthy

Although the electrical lighting looks stunning, there is no comparison with the traditional diyas. So, opt for clay diyas and skip candles and electric diyas. With a glance of tradition, one can use the oil diyas that are biodegradable as well as cost-efficient. Clay, orange peels, coconut shells, are some options for DIY diyas.  Reduce high light usage, and if required, go for LEDs. 

Organic Rangoli

Synthetic colours may look attractive for a while, but try using natural colours to design a rangoli, and you’ll never use those chemical colours again. Use natural ingredients such as rice powder, legumes, turmeric, flowers, red kumkum, or flowers that are entirely bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. 

Handmade Gifts

Turn to gifts that are handmade. What could be more unique and exceptional than giving personalised Diwali gifts to your loved ones? Give them something that they will remember for their lives with a special touch made of recycled material. These presents could be wrapped with coloured papers as well. 

Ditch the Wrapping Paper

An integral component of Diwali is gifting! Please make sure that the normal gift wrapping paper doesn’t wrap your presents.  If you have to wrap them for the element of surprise, use the newspaper to do so beautifully. Keep away from wraps that are synthetic or metallic. A good option can be Muslin bags that are reusable. 

Say No To Crackers

Every year, emissions from firecrackers reduce the air quality a great deal. Kids may get bad burns from firecrackers, or some may even lose their eyesight because of nasty accidents. And that’s not all; the trash collected after burning firecrackers is toxic and pollutes our landfills and the supply of water. So the best way to celebrate Diwali is by preferring not to buy firecrackers this year. 

Curb The Noise pollution

Bursting fireworks often cause excessive noise pollution, in addition to causing air pollution. People use loudspeakers and musical instruments that create excessive noise, not just firecrackers. This noise sometimes crosses the limit permitted. 

Homemade Sweets

The market is flooded with countless Diwali sweets choices during the festive season, but most of these come with artificial flavors and way too much sugar. So, go for homemade sweets this year. This is a perfect way to keep the joy of sweets on this festive day. Replace sugar with jaggery and include dry fruits to give a healthy twist to home-made goodies. 

Diwali is all about being with family and loved ones, so think about having your relatives, friends and neighbours in one place and having the celebrations going on! This is also the perfect way to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali!