5 Ways To Spice Up Romance In Your Relationship This Karwa Chauth
5 Ways To Spice Up Romance In Your Relationship This Karwa Chauth

Hey pretty ladies, Karwa Chauth is right around the corner. Well, some of you must be keeping fast to devote the day to your husband while some of you might not be keeping the fast but do dedicate this day to your husband. Your husband and you are wholeheartedly dedicated to each other, yet, sometimes, it is good to do something extra special to make your partner loved and appreciated. Well, your husband might not be the one who is not very out-spoken and expressive but all things considered, everything he does, he does to make you feel happy and loved. Get Karwa Chauth gifts online for your husband this year to make him feel equally loved and appreciated as you do on this day. Keeping a fast for your husband is completely your call. It is no hatred and fast rule to prove your love for him. 

So, there are a number of ways you can make your husband feel loved and appreciated. It is a necessary thing to do in a relationship since it will help you bid stringer with your mate and will help you grow deeper in understanding. So, let’s get started with the ways right away. 

A heart-pleasing breakfast for your beloved:

As it is said correctly that the way to a man’s heart passes right through his belly, it is so accurate, right? Make your husband feed something really delicious in Karwa Chauth and let his taste buds feel loved and satisfied at the same time. Also, a delicious and healthy breakfast would compel him to take care of you during the entire day, and hence, it will naturally make you feel loved and cared for as well. So, why not make his taste buds feel good and relax this Karwa Chauth?

Binge watch your Netflix watchlist:

So, you do not want to exhaust yourself on karwa Chauth, right? The best way to keep your energy intake would be by keeping your energy conserved by watching movies on Netflix with your hubby. Watch the movies together and share some fun and romantic moments at the same time. Also, bring your favorite snacks on the table and make your tummies happy as well.

Keep a surprise handy:

Well, if your husband gets you Karwa Chauth sargi on the karwa Chauth then, you should thank him with a gift in return. Gift him something that he must be looking for. To say a perfume, a watch or a travel bag. A gift can convey your love for your hubby and can make him feel all loved and appreciated. On every occasion, your husband surprises you with a beautiful gift that makes you smile wide, it is time to reciprocate his efforts. This karwa Chauth gives him something beautiful and leaves him in complete shock. 

Go on a couple of spas:

Well, now that it is time to relax, book a couple of spas and go on a relaxation therapy session. Your husband’s busy and tiresome work routine does not allow him to take out time for himself. So, do that for him and enjoy your couple therapy together. Isn’t it the best thing to do with your husband on Karwa Chauth? 


So, I know your husband does not like to be in front of the camera often, but make sure he does this karwa Chauth. Call for a professional photographer and get all the #couple_goals pictures and display them on your social media sites.

So, make this karwa Chauth super amazing for your husband and make him feel loved and appreciated. Make your love grow strong and make your husband know that you hold a special place in your life. Apart from keeping a fast for him, applying mehndi on your hand, and getting dolled up, you should make