Comprehensive Karwa Chauth Guide For All The First-Timers

Comprehensive Karwa Chauth Guide For All The First-Timers

The excitement of the first Karwa Chauth is as inexpressible as a toddler is, right? At the same time, the nervousness comes along with it as a part and parcel. So, having crazy excitement as well as anxiety at the same time is what Karwa Chauth is all about. If Karwa Chauth 2021 is your first Karwa Chauth, and you are experiencing both the emotions as I mentioned above, then, you need not to sweat anymore. Get Karwa Chauth gift for husband online beforehand, rest here we bring you a sorted and easy peasy comprehensive guide for Karwa Chauth that will make the festivity a lot more special for you and your partner. So, dive into the article to know more about this guide. 

Apply Mehendi:

One of the elements of this festival that keeps all the ladies on their toes. Get your appointment for the mehendi fixed beforehand to avoid last moment hussle. Get a beautiful mehendi on your hands since it adds to the natural beauty of a lady beautifully dolled up for her husband. 

Be Prepared:

Since the vrat is no regular vrat and it requires a mental preparation before you prepare yourself physically for it. The vrat is a nirjala vrat hence, a woman is supposed to be hungry and thirsty throughout the day. So, prepare yourself mentally to be capable enough to endure the thirst and hunger at the same time. 

Do Not Miss Sargi:

No matter what, do not miss your Sargi. I repeat, “Do Not Miss Your Sargi.” Karwa Chauth Sargi that is supposed to be consumed by all fasting women, early in the morning is one essential key for all the ladies to keep going hungry and thirty throughout the day. So, wake up before sunrise and have your sargi since it contains all the nutrients that will help you in your fasting ritual. 

Do Not Over Work:

Here is a very vital piece of advice for all the fasting women and it would not be wise to overwork when you are fasting. Do not exhaust or over work as it would make your fasting a lot more challenging for you. Keep yourself stress-free and also tale breaks dn proper rests in between. 

Keep Yourself Distracted:

You will get thirsty and hungry as time will pass. So, it is very crucial to keep yourself distracted. All you have to do is to trick your mind and not think about the hunger attacks that you will be getting. Listen to music, watch a series or even go talking with your bestie over a call. 

So, make your first karwa chauth celebration perfect and more memorable by planning it all beforehand. Follow the guide and let the things fall in the place amazingly.