5 Ways To Embark The Journey Of Marital Bliss - Karwa Chauth Special !
5 Ways To Embark The Journey Of Marital Bliss - Karwa Chauth Special !

“The moment you looked into their eyes, you escaped to the world of blissfulness!”

This is how true love shows its magic. You never know what’s the depth of love but you can only feel it. You may define love as deep as the ocean, however, it’s beyond. Many love stories prevail from centuries where we have heard that love doesn’t mean staying together with each other, it’s about the connection of two souls for lifetime no matter where we’re living ! Many people are blessed enough to get married to the person whom they love. First of all, congratulations to them! Marital journey is filled with sweet and sour moments and we have to maintain a balance between them. Karwa Chauth is knocking on the doors of all the married couples out there, and we are here to share wonderful tips to embark the journey in a subtle way!

Acknowledge Each Other

It is essential that you should acknowledge each other. A healthy couple needs to acknowledge each other in order to maintain the space and respect. To quote you an example, if you wife is keeping a day long fast for you on Karwa chauth then, acknowledge her gesture by getting her an exciting Karwa chauth gift online which would let her know that you appreciate her devotion towards you. Well, nobody likes to be starving all day, right? However, every wife does for their husband’s long life and prosperity. So, it is your responsibility to let her know that you do appreciate her no matter how mad she gets on you (well, a starving lady is nothing less than an injured lioness.)

Stay Committed

See, a marital commitment is way different from those of other relationships we share with people. It is a promise for a lifetime. People walk with each other promising to be there through thick and thin together. Likewise, there may come high tides and low tides in every marital phase and hence, to stay committed and loyal to each other is the promise you have to make when you tie the pure bond of marriage. Do not leave your partner’s back when they are in need, instead, stand beside them to show your support and belief in them.

Eye-to-eye contact

Nothing deepens the understanding between a couple more than an eye contact does. Yes, you heard me right. If you sometimes fail to connect to your partner through communication, it is better to mend your ways. Make eye contacts with your partner while you convey your feelings towards them and let them know how important they are to you. An eye contact will definitely help you get closer to your partner and hence will enhance your bond and understanding. Believe me, a good understanding will lead you to become a healthy couple.


We all mess up in our life at some point of our life. If your partner happens to mess up this time, forgive them and keep your patience intact. Nobody is perfect, we all agree to the fact right? So, when you keep your patience intact and forgive your partner for any mistake they have unintentionally committed, you would be gaining huge respect for yourself in their heart. Also, handling any relationship issue with patience will turn things in your favor and will help you to maintain a good relationship despite all the highs and lows of your relationship.


Well, this is a key mantra for all those people looking for one to make their marital life work smoothly. Yes, when you have a lot of good time with your partner, you will definitely be having a smooth relationship. Despite Your hectic schedule, making time for your partner is what the need of the hour if your relationship is falling through the cracks. Also, when you get Karwa Chauth sargi for your wife, it will move her heart for sure as she would be knowing that you actually care for her.

So, these 5 tips are apt for you if you wish to enhance your bond of love with your partner. This karwa chauth gives you an opportunity to mend things right.