Distance Make Every Relationship Stronger
Distance Make Every Relationship Stronger

It was in the year 2013, when I met him (the love of my life) first, on a bright sunny day. I still feel the goosebumps when I see him and can’t believe that we both are in a relationship. He is the perfect partner for me. We are in a relationship for 5 years now, and yes, like every couple, he proposed me first. Come, I’ll tell you how our perfect relationship moved through the struggling path and became a long distance relationship.

It all began with the college library when he saw me there with my friends. He was my senior in college. He was in the 4th year of LLB, and I was in the 3rd year of the same stream. As like my daily routine, I went to the library with my friends for reading the newspaper, and I found that he was following me daily. And then one day he proposed to me in front of my friends and I softly refused his proposal. Then the days went on and on, we both became good friends. But after 6 months of friendship, we both started loving each other.

Being a girl, I felt shy to accept this in front of him. So, finally, one day, he again proposed to me very gently, and this time, I accepted his proposal. In the same manner, life goes on very beautifully. Love is the feeling which can’t be expressed through words. Slowly, slowly, we fell in true love with each other and always stayed together. He was always there with me whenever I felt his need. He started becoming the reason behind my smile and happiness.

We both loved to stay with each other most of the time. Now, the time came when he had to leave the college, and this thing was hurting me from inside. I felt terrible to get separated from him. But as we were in a true relationship, he never made me think even for one day that we are not together. Because he daily came to college to meet me along with searching for a job.

How long would it work? It was the first question in my mind when he shared that he was going for an interview and can’t meet me. That day I was not with him and felt too alone. After a few days, he gave the good news that he is selected for the job in Delhi. This news made me happy. I congratulated him. I saw him too satisfied that day, so I didn’t show my sadness of being separated. After a few days, he went to Delhi and started his job successfully, and here, my college was over. I too began to search for a job in Delhi, but as per my parents saying I can’t do a job outside my home town’ Chandigarh.’

So, now our relationship becomes “a long distance relationship” Because of his busy working schedule, we talked very less. And if I asked him to have a conversation at night even still, he refused and slept due to tiredness. I started feeling very bad and alone. He didn’t have the time for me. We talk for only 5 minutes a day very rarely. I began to feel like I am the only one who cared for both of us. All these things pissed me off. We both started fighting even at small topics.

The understanding between us began to decrease, which was the root of every fight. One day while fighting and doing arguments, I utter some cruel words to him, What I thought I should not say. However, due to anger, I did that, and after some time, I felt bad for that activity. I thought to apologize to him, but a simple sorry might not be competent to handle the relation. So, I started planning something interesting to gift him.

For the same, I started exploring the internet and found various websites providing online gifts with delivery services. Out of them, I found Winni – the best platform for online delivery of gifts at receiver doorstep. After a full search, I decided to order a beautiful red velvet cake (as it is his favorite one) and a bouquet of red roses. Winni offered me these gifts as a combo for online delivery at my Bf’s doorstep.

Red Velvet Cake

I ordered this cake from Winni for my boyfriend with a tag of ‘I AM SORRY.’ After receiving his favorite cake paired with red roses, he felt delighted and forgave me for my mistake. To experience the yummiest flavors, order cake online in Delhi for your loved ones. This combo worked like a miracle for me. I know one thing that every time he goes head over heels eating red velvet cake. And this time it again happened after which he called me and solved everything between us.

He talked with me for at least 1 hour, in which he praised the quality, taste, and presentation of the cake and also praised the quality of flowers. He told me that he fell in love with that combo by  Winni. The delivery was made on his doorstep at a fixed time. Thank you so much, Winni, for helping me to save my relation and build up the understanding again.

After all this, he started texting me daily, and whenever he found himself free from work, he talked to me. He even gave me a surprise by meeting me face to face in my hometown. We both started understanding each other’s situation. And till now it’s going very well. All thanks to Winni, who helped me to clear every misunderstanding between my boyfriend and me.

“Being apart teaches us how to be together.”