Cakes have been a celebratory dish at every celebration, more so at the time of birthday celebration because of the joyous moment of cutting a cake and sharing it with freaky friends. The most amazing moment is when your friends spread it all over your face leaving you with the feeling of happiness as well as a little bit angriness. It makes a perfect picture-capturing moment too! These are the wonderful memories that remain in your heart throughout the lifetime. So, fascinate your near and dear one by sending a cake on their birthday or any special day with our online cake delivery service available in 480+ cities of India.

From kids to adults, everyone has become the victim of mouth-watering cakes. Its luscious taste will make you go crazy! There are many varieties of cakes which are divided into different categories but professional chefs categorize cakes on the basis of ingredients and mixing method. Home bakers categorize cake on the basis of flavors such as pineapple, chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch and many more. You will discover the final texture and color depending on how the batter is prepared. Below is a list of the basic types of cakes:

Red Velvet Cake:

It is substantially a butter cake, however, it is prepared with oil instead of butter. Moreover, cocoa is added to the batter to produce a distinct red velvet flavor. Basically, it was a reaction between buttermilk and raw cocoa which was available at the time of red velvet initiation that caused a ruddy-hued crumb. Nowadays, you can find then dyed with food coloring. It is a perfect cake for birthday or anniversary celebration. You can even send this cake to express the emotions of your heart to your special person.

Sponge Cake:

You may have seen different types of sponge cake available in the market. They are prepared without baking soda or baking powder. It contains a lot of whipped eggs or eggs white. However, you can also go for eggless sponge cake. It can be served as an early-morning dish.

Genoise Cake:

It is associated with Italy and France cuisine. A sponge cake is called genoise in which the whole eggs are beaten with sugar until it becomes thick and ribbony. After that flour is added and the batter is baked. The outcome is a wonderful delicacy that can melt anyone’s heart with its luscious taste and charming appearance. This cake is flexible enough to be baked in a jelly-roll pan and after that, it is rolled up into a roulade. You can enjoy it anytime.

Biscuit Cake:

This is another type of sponge cake that contains egg whites and yolks. It is whipped separately and then folded back together. It forms a light batter which is drier than genoise cake but holds a good shape after mixing.  If this is baked in a tube pan then it becomes chewy sponge cake which was famous during the 20th century. You can serve it with your evening tea.

Butter Cake:

Any sweet delicacy that starts with cream butter and sugar that is a butter cake. Eggs are a little bit added to the flour to give it a proper structure and texture and then it is baked using baking powder to ensure that it rises in the oven. There are many types of cake batter like white, yellow, chocolate etc. It will be the perfect treat to your taste buds in the morning.

Pound cake:

It is a type of cake which is traditionally baked with a pound of four ingredients namely flour, butter, egg, and sugar. These cakes are either baked in a loaf pan or Bundt mold. This sweet delicacy is served either adorned with powdered sugar or a coat of icing.  These cakes are mostly very light flavor. Some variations of pound cakes are coffee cakes, sour cream cakes etc.

Carrot cake:

The history of carrot cake goes back to European time. However, some believe that it was originated during the middle ages when sugar and sweeteners were costly. So, people used the carrot as a substitute for sugar. The cake is baked using the neutral oil such as canola or vegetable oil. The process of baking is similar to butter cake. The only difference in baking is that the butter and sugar were beaten and then the oil is added.    Enjoy this sweet delicacy with your friends or loved ones.

Angel Food Cake:

It is prepared by using egg whites and discarding yolks. It is a type of sponge cake which is prepared using flour, sugar along with whites. Cream of tartar is commonly added as a whipping agent. This cake is slightly different from other cakes because it doesn’t use butter. So, it is fat-free. You can enjoy this cake during summer vacations with your family members or friends.

Unbaked flourless cakes

These are the unique type of cakes which are molded in a dessert ring or springform then it is merely chilled before unmolding. They also include cheesecakes and mousse cakes. You can enjoy this cake with a cup of coffee

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