Common Phases One Goes Through When Someone Special Is Moving Away

Common Phases One Goes Through When Someone Special Is Moving Away
Common Phases One Goes Through When Someone Special Is Moving Away

The biggest irony of life is that it is full of hellos and goodbyes. No matter how excited you are to welcome someone in your life, the pain of bidding them goodbye is always bigger. Goodbyes sucks, I’m sorry but there is no better way of saying it. 

We meet new people everywhere we go, starting from school days to college, office and then changing offices, we keep on coming across new faces and some of them come really close to your heart. Little do we know that nothing is going to stay the same and some time or the other you all will be leaving to majorly to grow in life. Sometimes it’s you who is leaving, which is way better than being the one who stays in the same place bidding bye bye to another someone who you used to meet daily or were close to. When someone moves away, it feels like they took a part of your heart along with them because when the news of them leaving comes, your heart shatters in a thousand pieces. It may be your childhood buddy who is going away for further studies or your special someone, or a colleague who was your favorite person in the office. 

Of course you can give this person the nicest farewell, order cake online, decorate the floor and everything nice but what about the broken heart? Well, here are some common phrases that one goes through when someone special is moving away.

Denial Mode

First Of all, as soon as the news breaks out of them leaving the city due to XYZ reasons, the first reaction of most people is going into denial mode. Dealing with it is not even an option for you, it’s just denial and one cannot , or i should say, don’t want to accept the fact that the person will really leave super soon. You know why we do this? Well, the main reason why people go into denial mode is that denial actually helps us minimize the pain of separation, at least for sometime. It is like you wont feel it if you don’t accept it. Our mind takes some time to adjust to the new situation, new reality which does not include your fave person in it. So, denial helps you to take one step at a time where the brain knows the reality but you don’t want to announce it to the heart.

Bargaining Phases

Let’s be honest, we all bargain when we want to mold things according to ourselves. Bargaining is your last ray of hope that may help you to stop them from leaving. They are eventually leaving, so you start coming up with different alluring schemes that may change their mind. Just like shopkeepers come up with different deals that trap you to buy what you did not even want in the first place, or like you bargain with them for rates that suit you as well, the same bargain helps here to make them rethink their decision. You may send flowers to them, present different gifts to try every tactic. 

Phase Of Anger

Then comes the phase of anger. It is like you are angry with everything that is not going according to your will. It is the mixture of sorrow, pain, loss of control over the situation and denial but with a tint of acceptance that you have but very deep down in your mind that it is going to happen. 


Then most people land up in depression. Mostly this happens with people who are not very practical or get attached too easily. They land in depression of losing someone close or having to say them goodbye. 


Then comes the final stage where you finally accept the fact. It is the phase of acceptance when you longer can feel the pain of goodbye or maybe not with the same intensity. Well, no matter how much you deny or bargain with the person, someday you have to accept and live with it. 

These are the phases that most people go through when someone special is moving away.