5 Fun Ways To Play The Role Of Secret Santa In Someone’s Life


Be honest, how many of you still secretly wait for Santa to bring their gifts? I know the concept of Santa adds a little edge to the Christmas celebration, and despite that red-dressed older man ditches us every Christmas, we still secretly keep waiting for him. That might be because we all love receiving surprise gifts, right? And without any doubt, Christmas gives us a perfect chance to enjoy all the lovely surprises in the form of Christmas gifts. This legacy of anonymous gift-giving gave birth to secret Santa. Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition where a person amongst our family and friends plays the role of Santa, but that is completely a secret. No, I’m not saying that Santa isn’t real, it’s just that he might have lost his way. So, our loved ones try to cover it up for him.

Secret Santa is the most popular way of exchanging gifts. As the secret Santa week has already begun, Let me tell you how to do a fun secret Santa and keep alive the faith in Santa. Consider them as rules to be a good secret Santa in someone’s life.

Know how to do a secret Santa

To master anything, the essential step is to understand what are the basics of doing a particular thing. So, this implies here as well. This sounds obvious, make sure that everyone (including you) knows how to do a secret Santa. Make sure that all of you are on the same page as everyone has their own way to do it. You can modify the traditional ways to modern trends.

Drop gift at the doorstep

Now, get down to work, Santa! Because Santa is accompanied by the word ‘secret,’ so the secret Santa gifts should surprise them. Yes, that’s how Santa Claus works. The best way to surprise someone on the eve of Christmas is by dropping a gift at their doorstep. Make sure they already don’t have a clue of something like this. Oh! And hide and wait till they receive the gift else the surprise might turn into a lost gift mystery.

Surprise everyone with a party

When everyone must be expecting gifts, surprise them with a party. That is how surprises work, by doing the unexpected. Sending flowers online at midnight can also do the work! So, if you want to give Christmas gifts a break, plan a surprise Christmas party. Also, plan some fun activities to keep everyone on their toes. Or dress up as Santa Claus, maybe? Also, there you can plan a segment of gift exchanging.

Mindful gifts go a long way

Do you know how you can be a Santa that everyone wants the following year? It is by purchasing some mindful gifts. Yes, the selection of gifts can take you up or bring you down on the people’s favorite secret Santa list (yes, people secretly maintain that too). Present the gifts that are unique as well as useful. You might have heard your family and friends wishing for something time and again. Use that observation to win them over.

Christmas gives you a chance to end the year without landing up in nostalgia or anything. So, these were the ways how you could be a fun secret Santa this year. Keep the legacy going till the real Santa finds his way back!