5 Interesting Things Only Brother Sister Duos Can Relate To

5 Interesting Things Only Brother Sister Duos Can Relate To

The kind of relationship that brother and sister share is impossible to put into words. It is a mixture of love, hate, care, anger, comparison, competition, contentment, mostly like all the emotions in the world. They overflow you from time to time as you two have the ability to go from being best buddies to worst enemies in seconds. Sometimes you don’t even get the time to process why you even started fighting, you are fired with slaps and punches. But the other times, you can fight the world if anyone dared to touch your little sibling. 

There are certain things that only sisters and brothers get about siblinghood. One of them is the festival of rakshabandhan. Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival if you are a brother sister duo. It is an emotion that is connected deep in the heart. Well, mainly this festival is for brother and sister, where a sister ties a rakhi on a brother’s wrist and it’s up to the brother what they want to get their sister for a rakhi gift. So, this day has a whole different feeling for them. Just like this day, there are a number of interesting things that only a brother and sister duo can relate to.  

High level competition

If you want to see a high level competition, just look at the brother sister pair. They are just the most competitive creatures on this earth. Brothers in the family have a stronger build as compared to the sisters. so, sisters have to be extra competitive in everything to get what they want, this raises the competition level even further. From booking the major portion of food to getting the front seat in the car, life is a race for them. 

Endless melodrama

Sisters are the queen of melodrama (some brothers too). This melodrama helps all the girls to get whatever they want and it works on brothers as well. Brother – brother or sister – sister fight is a level match, but when it is “the hulk” on one side and “daddy’s little princess” on the other side, the competition is simply not fair, then pushes into melodrama. Sisters sure know how to get their way, it’s lots of drama, tears and of course ‘daddy’, that’s the ultimate weapon. 

Favoritism prevails

If you are a brother sister duo, then you will definitely relate to the fact that favoritism prevails in families where there are brother and sister duo, especially in brown families. Mommies always side up with their son while your sister is backed by your dad. You will always see your mum always favours your brother on a conflicting issue, and your dad will do the same for you. So, siblings of the opposite gender are definitely familiar with this type of thing. 

The dude vibes

Sisters who grow up with one or more brothers end up getting trapped with a dude vibe. They are loaded with more boy traits than girly ones. She is more like a dude in her group and even in the family. Girls with brothers, can you relate? 

Tight security

No matter how old your bro gets, he will always protect his sis. So, sisters with mostly older brothers know they come with a permanent bodyguard. No matter how old you get in life, there will always be a little extra security for you because “no one messes with big bro’s sister”. 

These are some interesting things that brother sister duos will relate to.