Raksha Bandhan – All Things That Make This Festival So Loveable

Raksha Bandhan - All Things That Make This Festival So Loveable

Hey sisters! Mark the date 22nd august on your calendars as you will be receiving lots of love from your bros on this day. I think you caught the hint, it’s Raksha Bandhan on the 22nd. I know it is a special day for all your brother sister duo. Now even the sisters duo too have started celebrating it, and why not! This festival is actually all about celebrating siblinghood. Siblings share a very unique love-hate relationship, sometimes as loving and caring as parent(s) while sometimes fighting like arch enemies. 

A sibling is your best friend given rather than forced upon you by birth, as other friendships are carefully created or chosen by us. They sometimes become your guinea pigs for your various kinds of experiments, your canvas for the colour palette, model for make-up trials, and a living wig for the (suddenly born) barber in you! I’m sure you all must have tried or been a victim to at least one out of these, thanks to this unique relationship! The fact is, we all love our siblings and thankfully we get a chance to express it too, on rakhi day with rakhi gifts. So, here are some reasons that make this festival so lovable.

The concept

Okay, firstly, the concept of rakhi is actually the most important thing that we love about this festival. The concept of this festival is very different from the other Indian festivals and it is based on a brother sister bond. Basically on this day, sisters tie a sacred thread on their brother’s wrist and brothers offer gifts and blessings. That is what you see or even follow, right? Well, the traditional concept was limited to brother-sister duo but now it has been adding new dimensions in it by including in it new relationships of sister duos,  sister-in-laws duos giving it a new extended meaning altogether. Rakhi since it means the bond of protection, is also tied on the wrists of the soldiers as they sacrifice their lives for the sake of the protection of the civilians.

Delectable Indian Sweets

Indian sweets need no introduction as they have a well established popularity out in the market, which I must say is not restricted to India. Yes, the famous sweets of each place surely attract people from all over the world. We Indians are known for our sweet tooth, thus tons of different flavor sweets emerge from different parts of the country. Well, in a country so famous for sweets and desserts, how can we even think of celebrating anything without sweets being a part of it? It would be just another day with some customs to perform. Thus, rakhi celebrations include Indian sweets like ladoo, kaju ki barfi, etc. it is another reason why we love this festival. 

Rakhi Gifts

Hmm… I can’t remember when I got mine! Although without a rakhi gift, Rakhi is incomplete, it’s part of the festival where brothers prank on their sisters and introduce the element of fun in it. While traditionally it involved a token of “shagun” given to the sister, now sisters have become aware of their right, and are asking for unique gifts after all who doesn’t like gifts, and all the more when its the perfect occasion for one! The best gift would be sparing some time for your beloved brother/ sister, taking them out for a short trip or a long drive (if corona allows), or reliving or recreating some childhood memory together!

Don’t you agree that all this makes Rakhi the most lovely Indian festival?