List Of Movies To Watch With Your Siblings On The Eve Of Rakhi

List Of Movies To Watch With Your Siblings On The Eve Of Rakhi

Having a sibling simply means having an all time friend at home. You can play with them, fight with them, try out experiments on them, blackmail them, and most importantly, you can always lean on them. More than anyone in this world, you can trust your siblings for anything, even your darkest secrets. Yes, that’s true, once you and your sibling start understanding each other, that’s the best bonding you can get in life. Though it may feel the opposite right now, and you may want to kill them all day and night. Well, growing up with a brother or a sister is actually fun and just in case you have a younger sibling, congrats, you just got an unpaid servant for yourself. Now you have the authority to boss around. 

This sibling bond is a special kind of bond and thankfully, here in India, we like to celebrate it in the form of Raksha Bandhan. The festival reassures a promise of protection and care by brothers for their sisters. Other than the thread tying and presenting rakhi gift custom, 

It is up to you how you want to make this memorable, you are the one to decide the level of celebration. Well, you can plan out the rakhi eve by making it a movie eve. arrange for some movies that you can watch with your sibling. Here is a list of movies that will strengthen your bond with your brother or sister. 

Step brothers

‘Step brother’ as the name suggests, the story of the movie revolves around two step brothers who are forced to live together. Their parents Nancy and Roberts fall in love and decide to get married without realising they have 40 years old unemployed sons. Well, forced to live together at this age, the movie will actually teach you how the most unconventional families can end up loving each other and learn to stand up for each other. If the movie released in 2008, and if you haven’t watched it, give it a try especially if you and your bro fight a lot. 

You again

If you want to enjoy a good laugh with your bro, then this movie is highly recommended. The plot of the movie is an unusual one where the lead (Kristen Bell) , who is a successful businesswoman, returns back home to attend her brother’s wedding. Only to her surprise, she learns that he is marrying a girl who had bullied Kristen all her high school years. Now, The mission is to stop the wedding. You will see some real life moments that you would relate with and the movie is full of drama. 

Glass castle

So, this movie is a biographical piece about four siblings who manage their life and take care of themselves because they have responsibility averse parents. It shows how parents can be your biggest inspiration and biggest enemy at the same time. The take from the movie is that siblings stick together to overcome any type of obstacle in life and they are the best support one can look for. 

These are some names of popular movies that you can binge-watch with your siblings on Raksha Bandhan eve. These movies perfectly show sibling bonds and this may help you tighten your bond with your brother or sister and love them even more.