5 Indoor Plants To Redefine Your Home Interior

Do you want to add indoor plants to your home decor but aren’t sure where to start? Well, indoor plants should be an essential component of every interior design. We all know the fact that greenery soothes our senses as well as brightens up indoor spaces. Having plants around your space is known to have mood-boosting properties. Indoor plants are popular since they are easy to maintain, provide health benefits, and can be used to complement a number of interior design concepts.

So, if you’re looking forward to include indoor plants in your space for the first time, this ultimate guide will provide you with the best green friends to add to your living area. 

Spider Plant

Spider plants never cease to amaze. It’s rare to see a spider plant without baby plants attached. Spider plants are commonly cultivated in hanging baskets and can reach a width of two to two and a half feet and a length of two to three feet. Because their roots tend to fill a pot, repotting the houseplant every couple of years may be essential. When the hanging babies begin to grow roots, carefully remove them from the mother plant so that additional spider plants can be propagated.


The beauty of this plant is really simple to maintain. The golden pothos can persist despite being neglected. It’s extremely forgiving. It features soft heart-shaped leaves that represent self-acceptance and benevolence. The pothos is also attractive as a cascading hanging plant that is both uplifting and inviting of wood energy at and above eye level.


These heart-shaped plants are available in a range of colours, including red, white, pink, and purple. They’re very simple to cultivate indoors and bloom all year. Indirect light, humid weather, and moist soil are ideal for them. However, be aware that these lovely plants can be dangerous if consumed, so parents and pet owners should be cautious!

Snake Plant

Despite its terrible name, this plant is actually quite attractive, with broad, thin leaves that shoot straight up. Mother-in-law’s tongue (as it is popularly called) can adapt to practically any indoor environment, which adds to its charm. Although this plant will grow in any light, it favours brighter conditions. You’ll have a hard time keeping a snake plant underwater if you simply give it a drink once a month or so. This Diwali you can also gift this plant to colleagues as it could be one of the 5 Ways To Add Fun & Excitement In Office Diwali Celebration.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is an excellent beginner’s houseplant with a flower that looks like a lily. Who doesn’t want a little tranquilly in their lives? The name itself has a positive spirit to it. When used as a feng shui adjustment in any of the zones, the delicate green leaves stimulate the wood element, which encourages growth.

Plants have the strength to alter the appearance and ambience of a space. So get these gifts of nature to your home and enjoy the aesthetic beauty!