Yummiest Sweet Dishes To Tickle Your Taste Buds This Vaisakhi

Yummiest Sweet Dishes To Tickle Your Taste Buds This Vaisakhi
Yummiest Sweet Dishes To Tickle Your Taste Buds This Vaisakhi

Vaisakhi/Baisakhi is an important festival in Punjab. I’m not going to go deep into history, but for a jest, this festival is celebrated to mark the first day of Vaisakh, which is considered the first day of the new year according to the Hindu calendar and it is celebrated in various parts of India, but with different names. It is a very colorful, vibrant festival that is filled with fun. It is definitely celebrated with full enthusiasm in Punjab and people prefer to wear yellow on this day. It’s not only about wearing yellow, but the festival is incomplete without preparing mouth-watering sweet delicacies. Besides the vibrant beats of the dhol, amuse the people with your remarkable sweet preparation. Some people order cake online to add sweetness to the day, you can try our yummy recipes if you are willing to try your hand in cooking. 

Sweet rice

Known by the name ‘peele chawal’ or “meethe chawal” in some places, it is one of the favorites amongst people in Punjab. This dish is mostly made at the time of festivals, especially on Baisakhi. The dish is really easy to prepare at home and very few ingredients. You will need some long good quality rice, assorted dry fruits, ghee or clarified butter, and most importantly jaggery. Jaggery is the main component that gives this dish the flavor everyone is mad about. People do prepare it with sugar, but if you want to stick to a healthier side and eat the dish without any guilt, then use jaggery. 

Mango lassi

Ah! The best part about summers? Mangoes. The fruit justifies the bright sunny color that summers bring to the surroundings. Everything about mangoes is just so perfect and since the fruit is one famous pick from the season, how can Punjabis not use it to make their sweet dishes when they are celebrating such an important festival? So, bringing to the table is a drink prepared with fresh mangoes. Well, here in Punjab, a filling meal is incomplete without a big glass of lassi that makes you pity your shirt buttons. But since it’s Baisakhi, I won’t let you stick to the same classic lassi. Give a twist to your lassi by infusing your favorite fruit in it. You know this lassi is a saver for the hot days of April and the coming hot months. 

Kesari Phirni

Next, sweet treat to try at home is Kesari phirni. Phirni is another amazing treat that you are definitely going to love. Phirni is a scrumptious treat that is prepared with finely ground rice, which makes it a bit different from the usual kheer. One thing that you should pay attention to is that the more finely ground the rice, the better is your phirni going to taste. So, to bring out the best flavor of your phirni, pick the best quality finely ground basmati rice and you are going to love what taste it will bring to your table.

If you want to ease your task of grinding the rice, don’t worry, there is ground rice available in the market. So, that makes this recipe super easy to make at home. You should definitely include Kesari phirni if you want to complete your Vaisakhi celebrations. Garnish it with chopped dry fruits that always compliment the flavor. Oh, and don’t forget to add kesar, after all, it’s the only thing that will give your treat a yellow tint. 

These are some really yummy recipes that will give a tickle to your taste buds. Prepare them in vibrant yellow color because hey! Its Vaisakhi and yellow is the color of the festival.