You Are Not A True Foodie If You Haven't Watched These Movies About Food
You Are Not A True Foodie If You Haven't Watched These Movies About Food

Is dreaming about the food your all-time favourite hobby? If yes, then welcome to the world of foodies. We, foodies, have a different world where we think about food, eat food, sometimes make food and then think about other food. We are very sorted creatures because our sole happiness is food, and we do not ask much from life; just unlimited food supply is enough. Something as basic as a thought of food can make us happy. A good tasting food is unconditional love that never breaks your heart and if you have already had one, try food therapy, it works every time. 

When the famous classic character Joey Tribbiani said “joey doesn’t share food”. All the foodies felt it. Yes, a true foodie can share their favourite person, but not their food. Well, the food fever is not restricted to any culture or geographical boundaries, instead, the entertainment industry is crazy over it. So, there have been several movies made based on cooking, baking and everything that revolves around food. Following are some movies that celebrate the joy of cooking. So, while you read the list, you might just want to get a cake delivery or a plate of biryani because the list will make you hungry. Let’s begin.


Beginning the list with a movie that will make all the foodie swoon. The movie is named ‘burnt’, and it stars Bradley Cooper. The movie was released in 2015 and is a romantic drama film. What’s stored in there for foodies? Well, I don’t want to spoil your fun so giving you just an overview of the story that will excite you to watch it. It is a story of a chef (Cooper) who is trying to get back on track after rehab by earning ratings for his cuisine. Do look out for his plated masterpieces and thank me later. 

Julie & Julia

Ah! I would just say that this movie is an ode to the love of cooking. It stars Meryl Streep as Julia a child who is a cookbook writer and a famous chef. Then comes Julia (Amy Adams) who is a life blogger and documents the success and disasters of Julia. Let me tell you that the movie is based on two true stories. 


This was one of the best pictures of the year 2000. Let me warn you that you will go crazy over the delectable delights highlighted in the movie. From bite-sized nibs to chilli infused hot chocolates, chocolate is full of choco recipes. It is a story of a single mom who is the owner of a chocolaterie and a gypsy. This will awaken the chocoholic in you. See, that is why I already told you to get online cake delivery. 

The hundred-foot journey 

Irrespective of the culture a food belongs to, food is food, and we love it in any form. This movie is a perfect display of fusion cooking for sending the message of multicultural acceptance. The movie mixes Indian food with french dishes giving fusion a new meaning and leaves you craving for Croque madame and chicken tikka simultaneously. 

Big night

Story of two brothers who try to keep their restaurant buoyant. They create a perfect feast for a big night that is going to take place at their place. Look out for Italian cuisine. 


Love food trucks? Here is a movie that displays amazing ooey-gooey dreamy recipes in a food truck that has food goals written all over it. If you haven’t, then it is a must-watch movie, especially for the foodies. 

That’s a wrap with the list. See, good food, good wine, good friends and good movies are all you need for a good time!