Why is being an elder sibling on the Perkier Side?
Why is being an elder sibling on the Perkier Side?

If you want me to explain elder siblings in some very interesting lines, then here it is. 

Are tujhe to anaath ashram se uthakar laaye hain! Are tu kaala hai kyunki tujhe market se laaye hain!

Yes, this is how the elder siblings are. You can call the bullies, arrogant, and a bit rude to their younger ones. But wait a sec, you say anything to their younger ones and they are going to throw a punch at your face. For elder siblings, being the elder one is an entirely different feeling as they have all the perks which every child would ever need. 

No Hand It To Me

The younger siblings go through it a lot or I must say that they have been the victims of ‘hand it to me’. You must not have understood it yet, right? Every family has this norm of passing on the elder one’s clothes to the younger one whereas this is not vice versa. The elder one always has this amazing opportunity of picking on new clothes or anything every time, whereas to be honest, parents do sometimes compromise with the younger ones. 

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

One of the main reasons for their perky life is our Indian society. We all have this very bad habit of giving gifts to the elders on every occasion. For example, if it is a younger one’s birthday, then make it a sure thing that the guest will get something for the elder one also or else they will feel bad. If the happiness ends here, then no since, it is very often seen that being the eldest, the younger siblings of the entire family often send rakhi gifts to them. What fun it is being the eldest sibling, Right?

Plenty of Childhood Pictures

As the eldest one in the family, I can bet that my mom has trunks of albums with my pictures which is way more than my sister. It is very obvious that being the first child, parents are always excited and try to capture every first, second, or third… 

It is not that there will be less of the younger one’s pictures but it is just that finding their picture would be a bit harder task when compared to the elder siblings.

Role Model

Every little one wants to be like the elder one because they are amazed with your dominating and confident nature. They love to be like you and treat you like their role model. The younger ones always threaten their friends with your name and think that you are their superhero. This is the best perk or says the most special thing about being the elder one.

Always First in Everything

The best part of being the eldest is that you get a chance to be first in everything, be it family decision, or a good job, etc. You get all the best wishes and congratulations before the younger ones.

These were some of the perks of being the eldest ones. So, you must have understood the pain these younger ones go through. So, when they send rakhi to you the next time, give them loads of love since they are the reasons behind you being the elder sibling.