Make your Gifts More Worthy by Adding Flowers Onto Them
Make your Gifts More Worthy by Adding Flowers Onto Them

Why send a boring usual gift when you can pep it up by adding some bunches of radiant flowers to it? Isn’t it very common for all of us to send gifts to our loved ones in the same old form? Bruh!!! It is boring of course. I thought why not add some beautiful flowers to it and then send it to our loved ones. Let us start with some very interesting ideas which will help you make these normal gifts interesting and radiant. 

Floral Vases

How about adding some very cool flowers in a mason jar? If you think it will look very boring, then you are wrong. For this, you need not be a Picasso for sure as you can pick a transparent glass jar and get some metallic paints from the market. For flowers, you can surely order flowers online and receive them at your doorstep. With this, you are ready for these floral vases. You now need to paint these jars with your favorite metallic colors and then add your loved one’s favorite flowers into them. Send this to them alone or along with some other gift. I bet they will fall in love with this one. 

Floral Bath Salt Soak

Since summers are already soaring high and we do need to take showers like some three times a day. Then why not send some of these floral bath salt to our loved ones for getting relaxed from the entire day’s chores. So, if you wonder how to make this bath salt, then you can surely visit YouTube or tutorial blogs for it and check out the method. 

Flowery Garland with Lights

Do not make the mistake of adding lights to the natural flowers. It is the silky flowers I am talking about here. You can add the fairy light to these flower garlands which you will find in every local market. These garlands will look very beautiful and your people are going to surely hand them in their bedroom.

Hanging Frame

If you think this one to be some normal frame, then hold on since it is not. This one will be a plain wire circular or rectangular frame which you can make at your own or get it from some nearby hardware store. Then add some beautiful faux flowers to it and enhance its beauty. You can hand some memorable pictures of the person to whom you are going to give it. 

Pressed Flower Phone Case

Ahhh!!! This one is surely going to be loved by them and we bet that you are going to love this one. So, firstly you need to make an online flower delivery of some beautiful flowers. Once you receive it, then as the name says you need to press and dry them nicely. Later get a phone case and stick the flowers on its outer surface and cover it with a transparent cover to it. Tadaaa and you are done!!!

Likewise, there are many other ways in which you can add flowers to your gifts and make them special. I can bet that you dear ones are going to fall in love with these gifts for sure.