Which Celebrity Mom Does Your Mommy Relate With The Most?

Whether a celebrity or a normal woman, every mother has some particular traits that only kids know and distinguish. Some like taking parenting a bit seriously, while others take it as another adventure in life. 

Time and again we have seen celebrities posting with their kids which leaves us wondering what type of parent they must be? Today, I’m going to talk about some famous celebs and how they are as parents. it is a test for your mommy to see which celeb she relates with, the most. Maybe this would help you to find a suitable mother’s day gift for her. Let’s begin. 

Michelle Obama

Who isn’t aware of this name – Michelle Obama! She was the former first lady of the United States of America and the wife of Barack Obama. But that’s not the only identity that she gets. She was named the most admired woman in the states. So, she definitely is the most admired mommy on my list. Let’s Forget about her public appearances for a while, and talk about her as a mom. She is a woman who knows likes to work, balancing her public life and her duties as a mom. She has an amazing influence over her kids which has taught them to seep in practicality and solid concepts of reality despite being the daughters of the president himself. So, if your mom has always taught you to be practical, she’s Michelle. 

Sushmita Sen

Next on the list is our own miss universe title winner, Sushmita sen. Well, she definitely has some spark to win such a title and be a gorgeous blissfully single mommy. Sushmita sen is definitely a role model for single motherhood. She is an exemplary single mom who knows how to take on the world when it comes to her daughters. Time and again she has proved it a single mom can be the best thing that can happen to you. She herself has confessed that she fell under the category of strict mom initially because she wanted her daughters to understand discipline. But with time, as she has eased of. So, if you have a single mom packed with such power and likes to stay involved as a parent, your mom relates with Sush! 

Mary Kom

The lady who is the reason for inspiration to the children all over the world, the champion of boxing, beyond the ring, this lady is a courageous mommy. Mary Kom is full of energy and a tiger mom at home. Mary Kom is very quick with her decisions and according to her, this ability helps her to manage work and home. She believes that just like a boxing ring, one needs to be swift with making decisions to accomplish several tasks. She is a very supportive parent and the values she likes to instill in her children is that she wants them to be compassionate and be good human beings. Anything relatable? 


Want to know what Beyonce is really like as a mom? Well, this record-breaking pop star and one of the most famous people in the world is a mother in the first place and she takes it a bit seriously. She is a devoted mother so likes to invest a lot of time with her kids. Beyonce is all about self-acceptance and she has never shied away from using her platform to convey the same message. This is implied when in her parenting style and make sure that teaches her kids to be proud of who they are. Is your mommy something like Beyonce? 

Genelia D Souza

Parent to two boys, Genelia is an Indian actress and a wonderful mommy. Genelia is a fun loving mom and is often seen having fun with her kids. 

These are a few famous mommies and their parenting styles. Hope to found a celeb your mom relates with.