Most Popular Lockdown Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

How do you want to make this mother’s day cheerful? Take your mom out for a dinner treat? Or take her to the movies? Well, I don’t think that is possible with all cities shutting down one by one. Even if it’s not a state of lockdown in your area, I don’t think it’s safe to roam out in the city putting yourself and your mom at risk of the virus. But the good news is that you don’t need to go out to inject some fun, laughter and lots of love into your mother’s day celebration. 

There is not much that you can do during a lockdown but still creative people use their creative heads to think of ideas about what all can be done at home when you want to make the day cheerful for moms but can’t go out to celebrate. Like order a mother’s day gift and surprise your mom at home. Following are some ideas that you will commonly find in most of the lists you will check on different blogs. You must have read these points over and over again but that’s only because these are some of the most commonly picked ideas by the people and hence, are the best out of the lot that works well. 

The breakfast in bed

Start the special day by serving her breakfast in bed, you know just like her down for you. Well, breakfast in bed for mommy is one of the most commonly found ideas. You will find tons of lists with this as the opening idea. Why not, well, it is indeed an amazing idea that will make your mom feel special. Most kids find it as a perfect opportunity to show all their love if they serve her breakfast when she wakes up. Let her enjoy her breakfast without having to rush to the kitchen as soon as she wakes up. And guess what, you don’t even have to go out and take any kind of risks to implement this idea. 

Present gifts

The next commonly listed idea is to present a mother’s day gift to make your mommy happy. As I said, these are commonly listed ideas because they work really well to showcase your love and make her feel like a queen.

We all love receiving gifts, right? So, will she. It just adds extra excitement to the day. So, pick a gift that you know she would like owning, maybe something that she has been eyeing on. Well, we all have easy access to our mom’s phone, just run a check on all her shopping apps and check out her wish list. Pick any one item ( or all of them) out of it that you would like to present. You just have to order online, from your own account. So, there is no excuse not to buy a mother’s day gift. 

Cook for her

Watching you cook is a dream come true for some moms. If your mom is one of them, then this mother’s day, sweep off her feet by cooking for her. Show her that you are actually trying to put effort to make her day worth remembering. Choose a recipe with an ingredient list that is available at your home because as I said, it is still not safe to go out, so avoid as much as you can. 

DIY card

Then comes the simplest and popular idea that you can do for her while being at home, which is to make a mother’s day card with heartfelt messages.

These are some most popular choices to celebrate mother’s day.