Unbelievable Things Moms Do That Prove Superhumans Are Real!

Unbelievable Things Moms Do That Prove Superhumans Are Real!
Unbelievable Things Moms Do That Prove Superhumans Are Real!

Being a mom is nothing less than climbing mount everest. Well, that is the toughest task i can think of now, i’m sure being a mom is 10 times harder than it. If you are a kid reading this, you can only guess like me. Mom is the best! They are just perfection. Everytime i see her swirling in the air here and there, I always get mesmerised by the way she manages everything with so much ease. Of Course nothing is easy for her but that’s how she makes it look.  

As kids we all have imitated our moms while playing, but as we grow up, we realize that wearing her heels and putting on her lipstick is not what being a mom is all about. You have to be kind and strict at the same time, fun and responsible, stay available for the family while still finding time for herself. Such things that sound contradicting to normal people, mommies do it on a daily basis. This mother’s day, apart from buying a mother’s day gift let’s count all the unbelievable things moms do that prove superheroes or let’s say sheroes are real. 

Remarkable sense of persuasion

We all love our mommies right? Well, this love for her makes us do anything she asks us. Don’t you agree that mommies have an amazing sense of persuasion. Have you ever seen your dad eventually do something he was completely against, because mommy. It’s the sweet talk that is to be blamed. Remember how she always talked you into eating veggies as a kid? All the credit goes to her mommyish carm. 

She can find anything, any time

The whole world will agree with me on this, mommies can find anything and everything, anywhere in this world. Ever happened when you cannot not find your shirt in the whole house, then enters mom,  it is lying there right in front of the cupboard? It happens with me everyday. I don’t even get surprised. It’s like she brings it along and then frames me. 

She’s a living lie detector machine

So, you really think that she believes you when you say you are going for group studies? Trust me, she is a breathable lie-detecting machine and she knows everything about you. She can feel your lies even with your breath. So, next time, except for lying, get her a pretty mother’s day gift to convenience her. 

She can lug grocery bags, phone and kids all together

She is literally a superhuman because despite being so delicate looking, she is someone who can carry 20 bags of grocery, a phone, bag and her kids altogether. I mean my dad once forgot me at the mall. Thank god for mommies. 

She can stay calm in craziest situations

Mommies! The cutest creation of god, though sometimes she may appear like a hitler, but trust me, she has the softest heart and when she shouts on you, she is more hurt than you. She even has the power to stay calm in the craziest situation and that’s what makes her a superhero. 

Elite multitasker

No one, I repeat, no one in this world is a better multitasker than a mom. 

Best multitasker you’ll ever know as she can manage home, kids, her office and the whole family at one time. 

Supersonic hearing and sight

A mom can scene from miles away when her family is in pain. Or when you are fighting with your siblings in the next room or when someone is harmful for you. Thanks to her superhuman power if supersonic hearing and sight. 

These things about mommies prove that superheroes are real.