Interesting Mother’s Day Facts You Need To Know!

Mother's Day Facts

We should celebrate Mother’s Day every day. Although a single day where the globe collectively honors the iconic figures of their lives is also great. Mother’s Day celebration makes sure that we make an effort to show our mom how much we love and appreciate her. Because let’s agree, we don’t do that often! The profound influence of mothers has shaped the world we live in today. This year, 2024, you can show your mummy how much you adore and admire her on Sunday, 12th May. As we gear up to honor the remarkable women who shaped our lives, let’s delve into some interesting Mother’s Day facts that you might not be aware of.

Origin Story

In 1908, a Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia witnessed the first Mother’s Day celebration. Upon the event’s success, Anna Jarvis campaigned for an official holiday in honor of mothers. Later in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation that the second Sunday in May would be celebrated as Mother’s Day. By that time, several states had already adopted the day as an annual holiday.

Anna Jarvis

Global Celebration Dates Are Different

While most countries mark Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, multiple nations celebrate the special day on different dates. For instance, Serbia celebrates Mother’s Day on March 8th every year, in France, people observe it on the last Sunday of May, whereas London and Ireland celebrate it on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

 Mother’s Day

Carnations Are The Official Mother’s Day Flower 

The most underrated Mother’s Day facts is that the founder of the day, Anna Jarvis made carnations the official flower of the holiday as they were her mother’s favorite. White carnations were chosen to honor deceased mothers, while red or pink ones were to honor living mothers.


Mother’s Day Is The Busiest Day for Restaurants

Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year to dine out, surpassing even Valentine’s Day. According to the National Restaurant Association, sales in restaurants go up by 103% on  Mother’s Day, even with the pandemic hit.

Mother’s Day

Greeting Cards – The Most Popular Mother’s Day Gift

A greeting card is the most popular Mother’s Day gift, followed by flowers. Besides Christmas and Valentine’s Day, most cards are exchanged during Mother’s Day. As a matter of fact, Every year, approximately 152 million Mother’s Day cards are sent worldwide.

Mother's Day card

People Spend Billions on Mother’s Day Gift

Alongside greeting cards, people show their appreciation to their mom with Mother’s Day gifts. The most common gifts are jewelry and spa treatments. However, personalized gifts and experiences are also gaining popularity these days. According to a survey, America alone spends $28 billion on Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother’s Day Gift

The Term ‘Mum’ Comes From Babies

‘Ma’ sound is the easiest sound a baby can pronounce. Also, it’s often the first-word babies say. That’s why, in almost all languages, the respective word for mother begins with the letter ‘M.’ For instance, Mother is ‘Maa’ in Hindi, ‘Mom’ in English, ‘Mama’ in German, ‘Mère’ in French, ‘Mẹ’ in Vietnamese, and so on.

Mother Baby

Anna Jarvis Tried To Stop Mother’s Day 

With the dedication of Anna Jarvis, Mother’s Day became an official holiday. However, she realized that the day was becoming a commercialized opportunity for vendors to sell gifts, flowers, cards, and chocolates. This was detracting from the personal celebration of Mother’s Day. Later, she started boycotts and walkouts and died at the age of 84 after using all her money on this fight. Besides, she even condemned First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for using the day for fundraising. 

Anna Jarvis

Mother’s Day Is Not Only For Mothers

Although Mother’s Day is solely dedicated to moms. However, it doesn’t always have to be your biological mother. The day also cherishes grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, aunt, or anyone who plays a warm and loving role in your life, just like a mother.

Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, intrigue your mom with these fascinating Mother’s Day facts when you give her the gift of your love. Whether through a single flower, handmade card, simple gesture, or a heartfelt conversation, show our appreciation and love for the incredible mothers in our lives. After all, every day should be Mother’s Day!