Things To Definitely Put On Your Secret Santa List In 2020

Things To Definitely Put On Your Secret Santa List In 2020
Things To Definitely Put On Your Secret Santa List In 2020

If you know someone who still believes in Santa Claus, be a good soul and get ready to dress up like Santa for them. I remember those innocent days when we used to believe in the santa clause and that he truly listens to our wishes. I was heartbroken when someone popped my bubble. I think, along with me, there were a huge number of sad people, which is why they came up with the concept of secret Santa. Whatever may be the reason, as long as we are receiving gifts, we all would like someone to be our secret santa. 

With Christmas just three days away, I’m writing the piece to prepare all the secret santa out there who are ready to rock and roll with surprises. Listing down a few things to definitely put on your secret Santa list this year Because a Christmas cake won’t be enough, you need tag-along to be the best Santa. If you want people to wish for you to be their Santa for the coming years, keep reading. 

Hot chocolate mix

You know one thing that should never run out of stock in winters? Its the stock of hot chocolate. I mean it is a savior that keeps you going in the chilly season and probably the only thing that motivates you to go through winters once again, right? but if you are someone’s Santa, you should definitely get a stock of hot chocolate for your child. It might not be equivalent to a Lamborghini they have been asking you for, but a cup of hot chocolate will gather you enough thank you for this year. 

For the love of fur

Is it me or is winter really chiller than ever this year? Well, since Christmas is a winter festival, so being a good Santa, it’s your duty to make your people winter ready. You think only snowflakes give christmassy vibes? Well, fur is in the line to give a competition. Your list should have furry items that keep people warm. To name a few, you can add fur coats, slippers, furry caps etc. 

A self care kit

Since you are Santa, you come once a year, rest of the time, people are on their own. Hey have to look out for themselves to meet you again. So, while preparing the list, make sure that you add a self care kit for the people you care the most. Every santa should have a self care kit for its people which can include anything from skincare, haircare, natural therapies and so on. It’s the best thing that you can do for the people you love. So, your bag should definitely contain a self care kit. 

Changing station

I’ll tell you why I added this one in the list. Well, though i’m not a big fan of gadgets and all, this year, it’s all about charging your devices to make them ready for next day use because we are stuck on work from home. So, this year, Santa has to think moderately and add a charging station where people can charge their gadgets at one place. It is a very thoughtful thing going down your list, thank me later. 

Sweet Christmas wishes

In the end, I would like to add the mandatory thing that every Santa should have in abundance. While docking up all the other must haves in the list, don’t forget to fill your bag with sweets. It is Christmas, people are happy and even though the world has progressed over the years, I still don’t think that there is anything else in this world that marks celebrations other than sweets. So, while being a goody- good Santa, don’t forget to share sweetness with people and wish them – Merry Christmas!

These are a few things that ever secret Santa should have in your list this year.