Things Men Secretly Love And Totally Deserve From Their Girl
Things Men Secretly Love And Totally Deserve From Their Girl

For ages, it’s the women who have always been dragged to the witness box for the same question “what does a woman want?” Seems like its time to turn the tables and ask men what they actually want. Actually women are more vocal and expressive than men. That is why we often think that they are totally transparent and it is easy to understand them from the inside out. But that is not the case. They may not ask for it quite openly, and this generally makes us assume that they don’t have any expectations, but if you take a glimpse in a man’s mind, you will see there is a lot going behind the screen. 

Though Men are very simple creatures but Sometimes, don’t you wish that your guy would open up a little more? It is very difficult to know what one likes or wants if they won’t tell you, right? That is why they are misunderstood. This is all because they leave so many questions unanswered and so many things unsaid. Actually they have their own set of desires, things that they deserve in a relationship. He might have not told it to you, but girl he loves it when you tuck your hair back or wear his hoodie. Here are little things that men secretly love to see their girl doing. It’s not about the looks all the time. So, get ready with your notebook, ladies, cause you are going to solve the biggest puzzle  – what makes guys happy!

When you smile because of them 

You know what makes a guy really proud? When he knows that the smile you are wearing is because of him. Have you ever noticed that when a guy makes you laugh, he tries to be extra funny. Its like your smile makes him catch a momentum. Your man may not have ever expressed it, but he likes to see the love of his life smiling, laughing especially because of him, even if he has to crack really lame jokes for that.

Shower surprises occasionally 

It’s not only women, but men also love receiving surprises. Im mean who doesn’t love receiving things that they have not even expected in the first place. It can be a gift, a simple flower delivery, or a surprise visit, they do love receiving surprise especially when it is from the girl they love. No matter how much they act normally, but each and every nerve of their body dances. So, girls, make sure you surprise your man occasionally to make him happy. 

Take a moment to compliment

You men compliments you often, doesn’t he deserve a little share out of them. Men may never confess it, but they surely love receiving compliments secretly. It makes them feel special, gives the feeling that they are too desirable. It may be a simple compliment on his looks, something cooking skills, sense of humour or anything to cheer him up. It makes them feel valued. Compliment your man to make him go all pink. 

Be his dude

Okay, this point is something that makes a man adore you even more. He just loves it when you are his best dude. It is understandable that you like to dress up and look pretty and all for him, but sometimes once in a while when you wear his hoodie, tie a bun and play video games with him. You may not know it, but they totally love this side of your’s. They want a companion with whom they can relish golgappas at any point. 

Cool with him for hanging out with his bros

Don’t you love to spend time with your girl pals and take a time off from him? So, a guy expecting the same from you is no big deal. They absolutely love it when you understand and give him space to hang out with his friends. Don’t make a scene if he cancels a dinner date with you to have a gaming night with his bros. He will just love you even more. 

Be dependent on him – at least for once

I know girls like to be independent and all, and it is a goood things as well. But you know what boys love? They like it when you are dependent on them at least for once. 

These are the things that guys love secretly and also deserve from the girl they love.