Relationship Red Flags - Things That Turn A Relationship Toxic
Relationship Red Flags - Things That Turn A Relationship Toxic

Are you in a toxic relationship? If you had to take pause and think before answering this question, then chances are that you are in one. Don’t worry, at one point of time, most people in a relationship question themselves if they are in a healthy relationship, or is their partner actually a very toxic person, are we even happy together, and so on. Honestly, every couple goes through tough times. Even the people you think are the best match or the most compatible couple, have their ups and downs. The basic thing that we need to understand is that people are not perfect, so, neither are the relationships. There ought to be disapprovals leading to fights and then there is apologising and working out on things mutually. When you are in a healthy relationship, everything kind of works naturally because you two love each other’s company. You tend to send flowers, surprise them with dates and what not. 

But the question is “are these types of fights normal?” if not, then you will not find it hard to see red flags in your relationship. You will feel unhappy or drained while talking to your partner, or you will start avoiding making conversation to avoid unnecessary fights. If you even have been in a toxic relationship, you will agree that break up feels more liberating. But before you walk out, think if there is a scope of improvement and try to focus on the things that can be changed. If you cannot understand why things are getting so toxic between you and your partner, here are a few things that may be the cause.

Unpleasing Communication

The foundation of every relationship is communication. It’s the communication that brings two people together because we tend to get attracted by it. When things are getting bad, you need to check your foundation first. If your communication has become unpleasant and it’s full of criticism, throwing sarcasm at each other and even overt hostility, then it’s a sign that your relationship is in danger. It increases the level of toxicity and chances are that you two even start to avoid talking to each other. 

Too Controlling Behaviour

A little bit of control in a relationship is acceptable especially when in a long distance relationship. Controlling gives you a notion that the person belongs to you, so if you or your partner are possessive of each other, it’s normal. But sometimes this possessiveness goes beyond the level. If you find yourself questioning your partner all the time about his or her whereabouts, or creating a scene when they don’t reply to you in milliseconds, take the signs. 

Disrespecting Each Other

Okay, this point is very common because it is visible to other people as well. As a couple you are supposed to respect each other but when things are turning toxic, you will find disrespecting each other. The pattern of disrespect goes like this – not maintaining your tone when arguing, or making fun of your partner’s insecurities, mistreating them in public, or purposely arriving late to make them wait. This is a clear red flag. 

Holding Grudges

Are you and your partner making sure to settle the score everytime something happens, and even finding a new way to complete your grudge? If you two are holding grudges against each other, you are no longer a couple. Couple never do this thing, because this will cause frustration and resentment over the time resulting in a broken relationship. 

Relationship Feels Like A Battle Ground

Instead of a mutual love, If your relationship has started feeling like a battle ground where you two are on your own, the chances are its all toxic between you two. Honestly, you and your partner are supposed to be a team, and technically, anything happens, you should have each other’s back when the world is throwing stones. But instead, you two have started throwing stones at each other (not literally, but you know what i mean). It is like maintaining a scoreboard each time one attacks the other, and the most aggressive one wins. Stop thinking of your relationship as a battle ground and your partner as an opponent. 

These are the clear red flags you can spot when your relationship is turning toxic. If you want to give your relationship another chance, stop doing these things and talk to your partner about the same.