The Best Diet Plan Straight From The Indian Kitchen For Weight Loss
The Best Diet Plan Straight From The Indian Kitchen For Weight Loss

Lately all the good food that you have been eating isn’t going in the right places and that is what brings you here? I know weight loss with indian diet  can seem to be impossible, especially when your mom is obsessed with ghee, but it’s not!  

Is it some Relatives who pointed out your flabs in front of your whole family, or even the magic mirror of your house can’t make you slim now? In both cases, you know what you need to do now, it’s losing some extra kilos that are of no use to you, they are just pulling you down. Honestly, I don’t see any problem with being chubby as long as one is comfortable in its body, in fact chubby people are the cutest. But since you are here, it feels like you are not feeling quite the best about yourself. Lucky you, because you are worrying about something that is fixable. Yes, with a simple weight loss diet from your kitchen and of course some exercise will get you back in shape within no time. Looks like the ship has sailed and now there is no coming back?

Well, for the starters, read some weight loss stories, this will give you a motivation to read ahead and give yourself a chance to look the way you picture yourself in dreams. I know people consider weight loss diets as un-fulfilling which makes it harder to stick to one. However, not all diet plans have the same effect, especially one i’m going to mention below. So, tighten your pants (pun intended), have that last cake delivery as you are going to start a new diet soon. 

Early morning regime

Every diet plan starts with an early morning regime no matter what time you wake up. So, catch up on the part according to the time and try to wake up according to the plan. 

  • Start the day with warm lemon and honey water which detoxes the body and cuts down the fat. You can replace it with cucumber water from time to time. 


You may exercise meanwhile as you wait for the time of breakfast. 

For breakfast, keep it light but wholesome, add things that are rich in protein because breakfast is the best time to eat your proteins. 

  • You can have non fried parathas, idli, oats with fruits, egg toasts etc.
  • Add nuts to your breakfast.

Mid meal snack

Since according to the plan you require to have breakfast a bit early, i have added a mid meal snack just in case you are hungry. you can skip it if you had late breakfast.

  • For mid meal you can have tofu, or a glass of juice or even skimmed milk


Your lunch will include the typical indian vegetables with chapati, curd, rice and salad. There is no need to add fancy stuff that comes packed with words like “low fat” etc. a bowl of freshly cooked vegetable or dal with indian bread and a bowl of salad will be ideal.

Evening snacking

I know how difficult it is to wait for dinner after lunch especially when you have a big appetite. But guess what, you don’t have to be hungry at all. Infant, it is suggested to have little something whenever hunger strikes. Iys just that the little something should be healthy. 

  • For evening, you can have coffee with less sugar, or a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits. 


Then comes the dinner and you are through the day

  • For dinner, you can have dal, chicken curry, or any seasonal veggies with 2 chapati.

Follow the plan and see results, oh and you can order cake online for your cheat days.