Prepping For Teachers Day? 6 Quick Gift Ideas That Will Wow Them Instantly

Teachers Day

Teachers day is right around the corner and you haven’t even thought of a single idea for a present for your favourite mentor. This is not done. If you are having trouble deciding what to gift to your favourite teacher this year, we have a few ideas for you. Let’s have a look at them right away.

You Can Always Send Her An E-Card

This could turn out to be one of the most personalised gift ideas for all your teachers this year. You can send him or her an e-card with personal messages from every student in your class. You can find numerous ideas on the Internet. You can also look on Instagram and Pinterest for a lot of inspiration. You can either create your own e-card in Photoshop or any other software or download readymade e-cards and just replace the written text with your name and messages. Some of these e-cards come in a short video format and are also high-definition and have a few musical notes as well. This could be a great Teacher’s Day gift this year.

Teachers Day Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Teachers Day Mugs

Another very popular option these days for a Teachers Day gift is a customized ceramic coffee mug. These are some of the most preferred gifts for teachers because they come in a wide variety of sizes. The colours are also quite exquisite and the textures and finishes are limitless. The designs that you can choose from our plentiful and appropriate for almost every mood.

What About A Special Collage?

I remember how we used to make special collages for our teachers. They used to love them. This is because it is a sign that you have worked hard all year round to make this piece of art. It is not easy collecting your best memories that involve your dearest teachers as well. So yes, you will have to plan for it at least 6 months in advance. You can collect all your favourite pictures, cute notes, and quotes that your teacher is fond of, and create a beautiful collage out of all these cutouts. You can either go for a digital collage or a contemporary one made of colourful paper and glitter.

Teachers Day Special Cushions

Teachers Day Gifts

Now you know that your mentor has been teaching for the past 20 years. She has also been studying on the side to acquire additional qualifications. Such a hard worker she is. If you want to appreciate all her efforts and the way she has mentored you all these years, why not give her a gift that is as thoughtful as it is beautiful? You can think about presenting her with a Teachers Day special coffee mug and cushion combo. These are usually dispatched within 2 days of order placement and you can find practically endless options online. Some of the online marketplaces even offer special and customised packing for the recipient. You will be amazed by the colour fastness of these cushions and also the comfort that they offer. The bounciness of these cushions is going to last you more than a year with ease. The coffee mugs are durable and can hold up to 325 ml of liquid or more than that.

Think About A Delicious Cake

Teachers Day Cake

No! You don’t have to bake a cake yourself. These are available online as well. The flavours are so pleasing to your senses that you would want to order a teachers day cake. These too can be customised as per your liking with any names, quotes, or messages of your choice. They are available in 500-gram size as well as the gigantic 4 kg size. The flavours are so incredible and the frosting on some of them tastes like little drops of heaven. The most popular flavours these days are dark chocolate, fruity butterscotch, vanilla creme, and pistachio as well but then again you will have to ask the vendor about their availability. Trust me, you will not be disappointed by their texture and freshness.

An Ensemble Of Tasty Muffins

Looking for another portable treat for your teacher? This Teacher’s Day gift is going to surprise him like no other. These are small, cute muffins, or cupcakes as you may call them. The most popular flavours these days are chocolate and vanilla in addition to almond and raisin as well. You can always drop in a packet of their preferred coffee blend to turn it into a wholesome gift.

Now you have a few very amazing ideas to choose from this teacher’s day. Your gift to your dearest and most loved mentor should be the highlight of their evening. And with these gifting options, it sure will be.