Winters are the time of the year which makes you want to wake up next to a fireplace and enjoy your coffee or tea. It’s a time when you can see certain places enveloped with snowfall. The snowy beauty of nature in winter is really amazing. Winter is the time when you wear woolen clothes and capture some gorgeous photographs too with your buddies, family or special ones. This winter season do something extraordinary. Indulge your senses in luscious cakes and take the pleasure of real winters. Yes, you heard it right. Winter brings chilly winds along with it. Create some blissful moments this winter season by having big bites of cakes. Here are some of the lip-smacking cakes that can rock your winters.

Dark Chocolate Cake

Chocolates without any doubt loved by everyone. They are the first friend of everyone. The delicious taste of the cake can make smile wider. The richness and darkness of chocolate cake will make your taste buds go crazy. Dark chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, a sure-fire stand by-in times of goods or bads, an ideal source of consolation when life has kicked you and a mood-lifter and romance-inducer in more optimistic situations. This winter, let the goodness and richness of dark chocolate cake create some memorable moment in your life. Apart from a tantalizing delicacy, the dark chocolate cake is also beneficial for the health. So you are not eating only a cake but a healthy delicacy!

Plum Cake


Fill your boring winter with lots of happiness with a delicious plum cake. The plum cake is basically a fruit cake that will surely gonna satiate your taste buds. You can also bring a plum cake for the Christmas celebration. It would be the best Christmas cakes that you can enjoy with your friends, family, relatives and dear ones. You can also convey your Christmas wishes and blessings to your dear ones by sending plum cake online to your dear ones. Winni has a huge range of plum cakes, therefore, you can also

Irish Coffee Cake

The delicious amalgamation of Irish coffee and buttercream is definitely the one in all solution of taste. If you are a coffee lover and want to indulge your senses in a coffee pool then this Irish coffee cake is the perfect delight for you. Every slice of the Irish coffee cake is pumped with mushy buttercream and offers a tempting treat for the taste buds. Please your taste buds this winter season with the Irish coffee cake.

Choco Fudge Cake

The Choco fudge cake is the moist chocolate cake which has a dense and dark chocolate gathering. It’s a perfect cake to enjoy in winters with near and dear ones. This cake will leave your mouth blemished with chocolate and you will surely recall your childhood memories. The goodness of chocolate fudge cake will increase your craving. You can also please the taste buds of your dear ones this winter by sending choco fudge cake.

Red Velvet Cake

Delve into the richness of red velvet cake. If you are bored with the regular flavor and seeking for something unique and incredible then this amazing amalgamation of cocoa, buttermilk with red colored frosty layering could be the apt sweet course for you. The delicate taste and the unique texture will definitely make you savor it more.  Make some unforgettable memories this winter season by having huge bites of red velvet cake.

KitKat cake

Delight yourself with the delectable taste of KitKat cake. The crispy, crunchy and chocolaty taste of KitKat will brighten up your winter day and will make your chilly winter warmer. It’s a delectable delight which is adorned with colorful gems, choco chips and chocolate crunchy balls. It’s a delicious treat that would make your smile. The deep chocolate cream and the richness of KitKat bars will tantalize the taste buds and you can’t resist yourself to have another bite of it. It’s an ultimate treat that you can enjoy this winter season. Buy KitKat cake from Winni and get it delivered to your place in the chilly winter.

Choco Lava Cake

Choco lava cakes are decadent, tempting and gourmet but amazingly simple! It’s a cake that can bring happiness just by hearing its name. It’s an indulgent treat which is perfect for winter. So, drool your taste buds this winter season by having big bites of choco lava cake. You can also treat choco lava as Valentine day cakes and pamper your special one by gifting this amazing delight on Valentine’s day. Your partner will surely love the deep chocolate flavor and the warm liquid center and scream wow!

Rocky Road Cake

If you want to enjoy the richness of dry fruits then you can go ahead with rocky road cake. The tempting taste of rocky road cake will surely going to make your day a wonderful one. Indulge your taste buds in the goodness of rocky road and create some awesome moments in your life. The dry fruits when combined with magical ingredients, then it results in a tempting cake namely rocky road cake. So, enjoy your winters by ordering rocky road cake.

Butterscotch Cake

So, if you love candies and looking for a cake that has something sweet just like candy then the butterscotch cake is perfect to go for. This cake is baked using the highest quality of the ingredients and therefore you don’t have to worry about your health. This winter, buy a butterscotch cake from Winni. You will not get only one butterscotch cake, but you will come across so many butterscotch cakes in different designs as well as sizes. So, browse our butterscotch cake category and pick the one which you like the most. Order it and get it delivered to your place from

Above cakes are surely going to create some captivating moments in your life and therefore you can give a kick start to your wintery day by having a big bite of a delicious cake.

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