Simple And Easy DIY For Rose Bouquet That You Should Know
Simple And Easy DIY For Rose Bouquet That You Should Know

Is there even a valid reason to choose other flowers over roses? Personally, I don’t think there is. Roses signify love, and I can bet you anything on this, no other flower could ever justify ‘love’ better than Roses. So, it comes naturally that why Roses are considered the epitome of celebrating love worldwide.

Did You Know: Roses have been around us for like 35 Billion years now. Crazy, right? I don’t even know how many ‘zeros’ are there in 35 Billion.

No matter how old these roses may get, oldies are always goldies. Roses are indisputably considered the best choice to represent undying love. Though there are a number of roses of different colors such as lavender and orange yet, there ain’t any that says ‘I LOVE YOU ’ the way a red rose says. If you are head over heels in love with someone and planning to ask them to be yours forever, then, believe me, a red rose would be the best wingman the world has ever witnessed. So, if your partner is an anthophile, then you can order a red roses flower bouquet for him/her. I bet, it will bring an ear to ear smile on their faces. 

Simple And Easy DIY For Rose Bouquet That You Should Know

However, if you are an artistic soul, then you might rather prefer making a red rose bouquet by yourself than approaching a florist, right? So, below is described in brief how to make a captivating red rose bouquet. So, let’s plunge!!

Gear Required: 

  • Fresh Red Roses
  • Stem Cutter
  • Cellophane Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Fillers

Steps To Achieve a Red Roses Flower Bouquet

  • The foremost step is quite obvious. Decide the number of roses you want to have in your bouquet. Don’t forget the significance of the number of roses you use. 
  • Do not forget to de-thorn the roses using scissors (this is a reminder, just in case you don’t like the recipient of the bouquet).
  • Start picking up the roses in your hand, maintaining equal space them and also start arranging them in a circular pattern. If you feel like you can even add some fillers to it just make sure you don’t overdo that and keep it more natural. 
  • Tie the roses together either using tape or raffia.
  • Trim the roses using a stem cutter to bring the roses together to the same length. 
  • You also have the option of applying the fillers as Italian Ruscus and millers. Neatly tie them around the bunch.
  • When done adding the fillers, tape them firmly. 
  • Now, use cellophane paper, or you can also use crepe paper to wrap around the bouquet.
  • Note: use small pieces of tape to give a neat and elegant look.
  • If you are willing to place the bunch in a vase, then the wrapping part can be skipped for your convince. Place the bunch directly into the vase and do not forget to water the vase regularly. 
  • Tie the end of the bouquet using the raffia or tape. 
  • There you go! All set with a captivating bouquet of red roses. Protect it from heat and sunlight to give it a longer life. 

Now, you are all set with your delightful bouquet of red roses. Also, this bouquet is just apt for any occasion, be it an anniversary, a wedding, or a rose day celebration. Proposing your sweetheart with this enchanting bouquet is one of the most romantic proposal day ideas which will definitely be going to work for you. 

However, if you are miles away from your lover, family, or friends, then you can send flowers online. Many online portals are providing these services at reasonable rates. So, when are you planning to gift one hand-made a rose bouquet to your someone special?