red roses on Valentine's day
red roses on Valentine's day

You can give unique gifts other than red roses on Valentine’s Day. Love is a beautiful emotion that makes two people utterly fearless, ignored old tradition and broke all the social norms. The history is filled with many love stories like Romeo and Juliet, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Laila and Majnu, Guinevere and Lancelot and much more. Love is a feeling that cannot be destroyed. It is beyond imaginations that drives every mind to go crazy and experiences a gesture of happiness and care. Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited days and it is celebrated as the universal day of love. It is celebrated in loving memory of Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine secretly conducted marriages of couples who were in love with each other during the time of the 3rd century. This eternal emotion of love is celebrated all over the world. Couples exchange gift with each other. It is the day when couples come up with great ideas to delight each other by presenting something unique and impressive. Couples are so excited about this day and start planning what to gift to their partner to make them happy and joyous. People express their heart-melting emotion to the person whom they love from the bottom of the heart. Couples follow different strategies to impress their partner as they go for candlelight dinner, gift flowers and many more. When your heart starts throbbing for someone, it better to express your feelings.

The most auspicious day for showing love is Valentine Day. It is believed that on the day of Valentine, you would never listen ‘No’ from the person whom you love. Emotions are like the beautiful flowers which one may not touch, but its fragrance makes the entire space to remember. Blossoms convey the unspoken message of love and care when it comes to expressing heart-melting love. The enthralling beauty of flowers gives out the message out loud to the receiver where flowers bloom, so does the happiness and prosperity! You will never get disappointed with a bunch or a bouquet of flowers.

A heart-shaped arrangement of red roses is the best bouquet to convey your feelings in the best possible manner. But the confusion is that which flower to gift? Well, every flower has its own significance but you can gift any flower to your special person without any doubt. This is because the beauty and sentiments that are attached to every flower always please the receiver.

Red roses are evergreen choice for Valentine day however you can go for any flower like carnations, gerberas, lilies or even orchids too. Flowers are the symbol of unconditional love. Winni is a platform from where you can order flowers and other gifts items and can send it to your special one if you reside far away in some other place or country.

Flowers for Valentine Day

It’s never too late to showcase undying emotions. And to showcase that love, flowers are the best companion. However, you can also send cake and other gifts like teddies, chocolate along with flowers. Some of our best flowers that you can present to your partner on Valentine’s Day are:


It’s time for roses to do the talking! Roses have a history back to the time of Romans and Greeks. Its fragrance has the power to melt even the toughest heart. This Valentine, express your deepest emotions by ordering roses from Winni. There are different colors of roses that explain different emotions.

For instance, red roses symbolize deep love, pink roses symbolize poetic romance, white roses explain purest emotions and respect, orange roses symbolize energetic emotions, purple roses symbolize enchantment and love at first sight. A bouquet of mixed roses is also the best combination that you can gift to your soul mate. You can also add your personal note along with flower bouquet.

Here are some of our most popular roses those customers’ orders during Valentine’s Day:

Radiant Love

Radiant Love

This radiant love bouquet has the power to radiate your hidden feeling in front of your special someone. It is an exotic bunch of red roses that are wrapped expertly in yellow paper packing along with red ribbon bow. The bouquet has the power to build the love and romance in your life. The bouquet will surely win the receiver’s heart.

Rosy Love

Rosy Love

It is a bouquet of yellow roses that are perfect for Valentine gift. It will pick your love and friendship to cloud nine. Its mesmeric essence will fill your life with lots of love and happiness. It is the perfect gift that you can give it to your Valentine. With its radiant energy, the bouquet is offering peace and joy.

Sweet Memories White Roses Bunch

Sweet Memories White Roses Bunch

It is a delightful bunch of white roses wrapped in cellophane along with a ribbon bow. This bunch is an expression of love and respect. Its mesmerizing beauty will leave her spellbound. If you want to shower love on your special one, then order this bunch of white roses. This Valentine day, create some unforgettable memories by gifting this bunch to your wife.

Midnight Surprise

Midnight Surprise

This is a bouquet of pink roses that epitomizes gratitude, admiration and poetic romance. Want to propose someone? Go for this bunch as pink roses represent a new beginning. Pink roses are wrapped in yellow paper packing along with ribbon bow expressing unconditional love. It is a perfect Valentine flower. You can also surprise your loved one by sending this Valentine flower at their doorstep from Winni.

Roses for Love

Roses for Love

The scintillating beauty of this stunning bouquet of mixed roses will make up anyone’s day go rocking. Its colorful fragrance will take your relationship to a new level. The bouquet is assured to keep long lasting feelings for your special someone. It is the perfect valentine day flower and ordered by many customers on Valentine day.

Classical arrangement of Roses

Heart Shape arrangement of Red Roses
Heart Shape arrangement of Red Roses

When it comes to expressing love, nothing can beat the heart-shaped arrangement of red roses. Red roses speak love silently between two persons in a language known only to the hearts. This is the classic way to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day. Surprise your husband by gifting this heart-shaped arrangement of red roses. With early morning delivery of flowers, you can start your romantic day with lots of happiness.

Indulgent Bliss

A heart is a place where love is originated. Love is the endless feeling that one can only feel it. If you feel the same and want to show that feeling but don’t have any idea how to express your feelings? Don’t get confused, just relax! The best way to express your love is with Valentine flowers. Flowers are the natural way of saying I Love You. This heart-melting arrangement of mixed roses will express your feelings without saying even a single word. It is a bouquet of love, respect, and happiness. When you gift it to your Valentine, he/she surely like your gift. Its beauty and essence will win their heart.

Rosy Blessings

The double heart shape arrangement of mixed roses is perfect Valentine’s day gift that you can order from Winni without any hassle. The bouquet epitomizes two souls are the same that will remain together forever. Its vibrant beauty will add more romance to your relationship. Go ahead and order this bouquet for your husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend.

Fairy Desire

The instant way to get a valentine day gift is to order it from Winni. This heart-melting bouquet is specially created for Valentine Day. The bouquet consists of red and white roses along with Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It is the unique bouquet that holds love and sweetness at the same time. Surprise your soul mate with this eye-pleasing bouquet.


In this beautiful world, more than half of the beauty is just because of the blooming flowers. Flowers are always there to act as great mood-lifters and make the area awesome by their presence. Gerberas are admired for their exceptional beauty and radiates immense bliss. They are the fifth most popular flower in the world. Gerberas are perennial that is present in many colors like red, white, pink, orange and many more. And gifting a bouquet of gerberas is sure to bring a continuous curve on the face.

Gerberas means happiness. This Valentine day, spread happiness in your special one’s life by ordering it from Winni. The different color of gerberas symbolizes different meanings. Red gerberas show your desire and love, White gerberas shows purity and innocence, Pink gerberas shows grace and gentility, Yellow gerberas shows friendship and happiness, Orange gerberas shows enthusiasm and warmth.

Some of our best selling Valentine’s Day gerberas are:

Gorgeous Lady

This is one of the best Valentine’s Day flower. It is perfect for your gorgeous lady who is eagerly waiting for your gift on Valentine day. The charm and sweetness carried by red gerberas is a sign of new love and romance. If you reside far away from her, send this bouquet as a token of unconditional love.

Serene Beauty A bunch of Pink Gerbera flowers

The enthralling beauty emitted by this bouquet of pink gerberas is enough to drive her to go crazy. Indulge her in the era of unconditional love and happiness. You can never go wrong by gifting this beautiful bunch of pink gerberas. It is the best and most demanded Valentine day flower.

Powered by wishes

The purity and innocence are always needed in a relationship. This Valentine day add purity and innocence in your relationship by gifting this bunch of white gerberas to the person whom you never want to lose in your life.

Exuberant Wishes

A mixed bouquet of gerberas is the best gift that you can gift to your Valentine. The wonderful combination will surely win the heart of the receiver. The exotic beauty of this bouquet brings a cute curve.


Carnations are meaningful and expressive Valentine flower. Gentle, glorious and graceful, carnations are always the epitome of love and care. Carnations are historically known as “The flower of love.” Different color of carnations epitomizes different meanings. Winni’s best Valentine’s Day carnations flowers are listed below:

Taste of love

The bright beauty of red carnations is a perfect Valentine flower that you can gift to your soul mate on Valentine’s Day. Capture some special moments by ordering this flower from Winni and gift it to your special one.

My sweet thoughts

It’s not only red color that signifies love, but yellow color to signifies love along with friendship. This is a bouquet of yellow carnations wrapped expertly in a red paper packing with a yellow ribbon bow. Your Valentine will get astonished by receiving this bouquet from you. After receiving this bouquet, he/she will surely think about all those sweet memories which have to make the Valentine day special for him/her.

Showcasing Love

The divine and innocent love are represented by this bouquet of white carnations that are packed in red paper packing. Its absolute beauty and love will cheer his/her heart on this Valentine day.

Sublime fascination

This Valentine day, cheer your friend by gifting this bouquet of purple carnations. Valentine’s Day is not only about celebrating with your partner; however, you can celebrate this day with your friends and relatives.

Stunning arrangement of Exotic Flowers

Winni offers you some of the best arrangement of exotic flowers that will make your Valentine day tune into love and romance.

Arrangement of mix exotic flowers

This is an appealing arrangement of mixed flowers that is true to shower unconditional love to the receiver. Orchids are adding absolute beauty to the arrangement, lilies and carnations are representing that friendship are utterly required in love, gerberas in white and yellow color representing the energetic and pious relationship. This is the best Valentine day gift that will remain in the receiver’s heart forever.

3 tier arrangement of Orchids

This impressive arrangement of orchids will surely fill your special one’s heart with enthusiasm and grace. This fabulous Valentine day surprise will create some of the best memories that will remain in hart forever.

2 tier arrangement of Lilies

It’s a time to go for something unique and exotic on this Valentine day. Delight your sweetheart by sending this lovely arrangement of lilies. This 2 tier arrangement will make her day full of love and excitement. Send your love and wishes to her by ordering this unique arrangement from Winni.

Winni is offering a wide range of Valentine day flowers whose beauty and grace is hard to resist. Make your Valentine day more interesting by ordering flowers from Winni.