Mother’s Day Edition - Types Of Mommies Found In Indian Houses

Sometimes I feel Indian moms are totally different from the mommies of the world. Here in India, mommies are an amalgamation of different personalities. The kids are the reflection of what type of mom they have and you can clearly tell it with their habits. 

Mommies are a perfect blend of extreme characteristics-  she is full of endless love with a fear of sending you out and how can we miss the boundless anger. If your mom does not get angry without any reason, understand that she has reached her saturation point. Well, it’s said that God cannot be everywhere, so he created mom, I think Indian moms took him pretty seriously because she takes it to her heart to raise you and take care of you till her last breath. Though all oms have different ways, the goal is one and that is to make you a better person. So, this mother’s day let’s highlight different types of Indian mommies. Well, I would like to add that all irrespective of the characteristics, all moms are best! We are just thankful that we have one, even though she scolded us 10 times a day, she definitely deserves a mother’s day gift. Lets benign

The overworked always tired mom

Okay, the unarguable trait of Indian moms – she tends to work to the extent that she forgets about herself and just runs to complete her family’s needs. She can work all day and night even without a sip of water if that is the requirement. That is because this category called “overworked always tired mom’ has the habit of taking more than her capacity. She takes up the pressure of responsibility that in the process she is always tired and lethargic from running here and there. Not eating on time drains her energy and makes her even more tired.  Does that define your mom? 

Over Emotional species

Yes, it is true that all moms are emotional.  But there is a separate category of overemotional ones. This is a deadly category I tell you because the weapon of her tears is loaded all the time and your one mistake, she launches her tears and you are drained in the pool of it. Only a mother’s day gift can save you in this case. 

The blackmailer

Next comes the blackmailers. Seriously, some moms are so good at blackmailing you that they can join the intelligence bureau. It all started with “I will tell your class teacher”  and now “I’m going to tell your dad about this” “I will cut your pocket money if you don’t help me” are some of her favourite dialogues. doe

The discipline lover

 Do you have friends in your group who are afraid to ask their mom’s permission on literally everything? I mean night out is just a dream for them, they are supposed to report back at home right after tuition is over. Well, these kids are the product of strict moms. Does your mom fit the description? If not, maybe the next trait will be relatable. 

The MasterChef mom

Here come the saint moms who are just concerned with her cooking and her goal is to prepare healthy tasty food for her family, relatives, kid’s friends. She is always found in the kitchen and definitely can be quoted as Masterchef because of all the delectable food. You are famous in your office for the tastiest lunch box. Even your friends prefer to hang out at your place because of the food! Thanks to Masterchef mom you have.

These are some different types of moms found in Indian houses.