Cute Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’s Guaranteed To Love

Do you think all this pandemic fever will be over before mother’s day? Well, your predictions may be positive, but studies suggest that the virus is here to stay longer, at least for this May. So, this mother’s day too will be a #stay home #stay safe at home series.

If you can get an online mother’s day gift, it’s well and good. But for people who are facing a lockdown or avoiding online parcels, you can DIY gifts for your mommy. Well, homemade gifts are really something that can be cherished forever because there is effort and love involved in the preparation. So, here is a list of homemade gifts you can make and she will absolutely love them. 

Bath bombs

We begin with bath bombs. Lately, bath bombs have become a trending name and people love to give it a try. It’s basically a mixture of essential oils, scents and collerent, so, quite everything you need for a perfect relaxing bath when you want to pamper yourself. It is a great way to enhance your bathing experience making it more therapeutic. These bombs come in different shapes, sizes and of course you get the choice of scents, colours, oils and butter to pick according to the skin type. So, .a Bath bombs would be a useful gift for your mommy. Just a slight change, instead of getting a ready-made one, you have to make them open your own. There is a reason why I added bath bombs on the list. Its because not only is it a useful gift, but easy to make as well. The bath bombs can be as sweet as your mom chose the scents accordingly. 

Hand Painted teacup planter

Another cute diy is ready for you. How about preparing a planter for her at home? Moms usually love plants and if you have plants inside your home, pick it as a hint that she is too a plant lover. So, you can make a cute planter out of a tea mug or a coffee mug. Just take a plain mug of a fair size that can hold a plant and soil. Then start with your creativity, a paint brush, and some paint. Smash all your creativity on the mug or cup and tada! Your planter is ready. Or should i say a perfect mother;s day gift is ready. For paint options, you can paint a vector of a mom if you are good with brushes else write ‘happy mother’s day’ with some flowers. Both will express your feelings. 

DIY jewellery holder

Another useful gift for a lady is a jewellery holder. All women need a jewellery box or a holder to keep their jewellery, mostly little pieces of jewellery intact in one place. For that, a trinket tray, a jewellery holder or a box is a must. So, this mother’s day, give your mommy a cute jewellery holder. It ought to be cute because you are making it in your own way.  This may sound difficult to you, but trust me, it’s easy. All you need is clay, some youtube tutorials, paints and you’re good to go. Make whatever size you find perfect for her. 

Fabric scrap bookmark

Is your mom a bookworm? Well, for people who like to read and collect books, the best gift for them revolves around books only. So, here is a perfect gift for a reader mom, a bookmark. You can make pretty bookmarks out of the waste fabric. I’m sure every house has that bag which has all the spare pieces of fabrics. Now you know where to start. 

These are a few mother’s day gifts that you can DIY to make your mom happy.